May 7, 2015

Happy Spring !

Well ...  more like summer !  I know I have complained a lot about our winter this year ... and, hell, we had a snowstorm2 weeks ago with an accumulation of 2 inches where I was house-sitting ! Now it  we have hot summer weather .... no easy transition from winter to spring, just winter to summer. Only in Canada can you get a sunburn one day and frostbite the next !

Anyway, I was having a very nice, peaceful time while the weather was transitioning.  My commissioned piece is done but for the stretching and my Zentangled Rose is waiting for stretching too. I even managed a pen & ink drawing (all tiny dots) and I read 2 novels ! A time well spent !
I don't have much in the way of progression shots and will post photos after the pieces have been stretched.
Red Maple Sapling will probably be the title of this piece ... I hate choosing titles !

From an old newspaper clipping of Greg Meyer, an old farmer who probably died in the 80's

white paper does not photograph well !
I tried to lighten it but I don't have good editing skills. 
I was very pleased with this pen & ink as it was a challenge to 'paint what I saw and not what I knew', and in this old, yellowed newspaper clipping, all I saw was light and shadow. Particularly pleased with his watch ;) approx. 4"x6"

While having coffee with my friend Helen, we saw a dead bird on the balcony ... probably flew into a window. I had never seen an Eastern (designated by the yellow feathers and spines underneath), Northern Flicker before ! Poor thing. This bird is a member of the woodpecker family but does his hunting on the ground (ants and beetles) and is the only member that migrates.

And on another day I saw this on a window ... 
... can you see it ?  The muddy imprint of a robin that mistook the window for a fly-though ! 
Can almost hear it thinking it's last thoughts ! 


  1. Oh my, your stitched and drawn pieces are amazing.Lovely work. But so sad about the poor wee birds.....

    1. Thanks Marny ;) A lot of windows on this house, maybe too clean ;)

  2. Have LOTs of those flickers and even the cousins who are always tap tapping on the shakes. I've quit trying to answer the door! LOL and yup, time to quit with the frost bite. Cold and rainy here, sunburn welcome. I do like the starts you have begun! :)

  3. Hi Elle ... do your Flickers have the red spines or the yellow ... just wondering where their boundary is in Canada, red vs. yellow, western vs. eastern ?
    It's going to be quite hot here today, I'll blow a little your way !
    Thank you ;)

  4. Love the array of stitch yarns on the "maple" piece
    (looks like you "wonder-undered" the peices together ...)

    Very interesting drawing with dots only !!! (yes : white isn't
    easy to photograph ... experienced that too)

    Oh my so sad, but what a wonderful bird !!! those yellow
    and the dotted feathers : mmmmm !

    1. Hi Els, yes, I always use wonder-under to build these canvases and then I pick out the treads that I think will work best with it. That's always fun.
      The 'lightened' version of the drawings never looks right, either :(
      Yes, a very pretty bird, such a sad ending.

  5. Hmm, the only red is that spot on their head, I think! ??? I shall have to be a better observer. ;^)

  6. I had never seen one of these before, Elle ... how nice that you have lots around ;)


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