May 19, 2015

One More Done !

'Tangled Rose'


My zentangle in thread is done  I painted a grey/pink background (doesn't really show here) and simply echo quilted the background. 18"x18" square and is destined for a show in Sept.

I just can't pass up yet one more comment on the weather here ... the whole holiday weekend was warm with the chance of rain, not, and yesterday was so warm and humid. 
Today, there are brief flashes of sun but windy and cold - 12C ! Geeze ! 
There was just a brief moment where these lilacs weren't flipping around in the wind ... but they are beautiful !
Sure sign of Spring 


  1. i swear we have Ontario's weather this year!

    and your zentwanglies have me thinking of using solubles again--perfection

  2. Thank you Arlee ... and water-soluble work is such a nice break from the other stuff we do ;)

  3. I love your zentangles and must give the whole thing a try - perhaps it's quite a good way to use some of those marks I've been working on!?

    1. Thanks CS... You must do some, they are very relaxing and you marks just might come in handy ;)

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Sorry - did I manage to post twice? sometimes Blogger seems to go into overdrive!

  5. Wow, what detail - that is beautiful.
    Sounds like we're having the same weather as you ... gorgeous one day, freezing the next.
    Fil’s Place - Old songs and Memories

    1. Hi Fil, thank you for the comment ;)
      Yes, the weather is keeping us all on our toes !

  6. Thanks Fil ;)
    I have just put a winter blanket on my bed ... Going down to 2C tonight and I wouldn't be too surprised if there was snow on the ground in the morning :0 !

  7. Oh the weather. What a year it has been. I sure miss the scent of lilacs since we moved. I don't miss the shoots mine used to send up from the ground though. Does yours do that? Ruined a garden bed.
    I find your black and whites to be so interesting. I have never seen them anywhere else but on your blog.

  8. Lilac is my most favourite scent after Lavender ... and we try to keep those suckers clipped ... but we will never win ! Hubby, who doesn't appreciate the scent or beauty, wants to haul it out of the ground and be done with it !
    I have been raising its canopy these last few years and he's getting easier with it ;)
    Pen & inks help me unwind ... they are usually simple and small. Glad you enjoy them ;)


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