May 30, 2015

Some Of This And A Bit Of That ;)

Lovely rain 'bursts' today and rolling thunder all around ... no lightening, tho'.
Hot and humid ... but I'm not complaining ... it's my mid-year resolution to stop the constant moaning about the weather :)

Not much fibre work being done, but I am busy photographing a whole fibre show (24pcs) for proposal purposes and I have just sent another proposal to a local gallery for our other travelling show, 'Celebrate The Seven'. 
And of course I have emails to answer for Threadworks.

So, it's 'in between projects time'. I tend to venture into the hand-stitching realm in these times, read a book, clean up the 'stuff' on my computer, do a little housework. Cleaning windows is not my strong suit, but, hey, someone's gotta do it, right  
I started this wee piece a few weeks ago and it has been calling me ever since. The fabric is hand-painted.
The couched threads here are actually thread ends from the factory floor that have been machine-twisted into a cord/rope  ... I have had it for years and every once in a while it proves itself very useful
little scraps of organza are folded and held down with French Knots in a variegated, hand-painted perle cotton
This colour is off.... it is actually more red than fuchsia ... my camera is having difficulty reading the red, getting old I guess (the camera ;)).
It is 4"x10" approx. and I am attaching all kinds of odds & sods, that I have collected for years ... bits of organza, funky threads, lime green threads from a broken tassel, etc., etc.  ... with no end result in mind other than tp keep adding until I am satisfied ... 'cept, my sister's birthday is coming up ;)

As a fibre artist there are so many lovely little bits that are so hard to throw away ! Like some purple raffia that was wrapped around a journal, a string of pink hearts that I have taken from a mother's day card and a pretty, baby blue cord with tassel ... all good colours to add to this.
This 'stash' is something that I take whenever there is a, house-sit or camping trip. I even collect clothing tags ! You just never know when those will come in handy !

What do you save ? Do you have a plan for them? Have you started and/or is it still waiting for your attention ?


  1. Thank you for the birthday greeting. I have just thrown out my collection of paper tags from clothes I have bought, with their coloured hangers etc.. I examine all kinds of packaging, but try to throw it out these days!

  2. It is a struggle to be frugal and I'm not getting a lot of new clothes these days, so tags are dwindling. I did attempt a 'landscape with some of my tags ... I'll have to look that up and post a pic !
    Hope you had a great birthday ! ;)

  3. I'm not sure if one would call all the stuff I collect - collecting- or as Lar tells me it's - hoarding - but like you just about everything in my world (even the snips of threads I am saving) has purpose and if I throw it out today, I will need it tomorrow. L

  4. Nope, nada, not ... we collect ! For our art ;)
    Men hoard tools, old motors, lumber, jars of nails, screws and bolts ... anything that's just rusty ! I can't even park my vehicle in my garage.
    And, of course, what we throw away today will be desperately needed tomorrow ;)

  5. I am a saver... My kids laughed at me when I made them rescue the rusted spikes and metal from our dock renovation. They shook their heads when I said it was to rust fabric. My daughter did help me go through my fabrics and notions this year to clear out the stuff that did not sing to me. It was to make room in my storage. However it seems that was altruistic because she seems to have moved in her fabric collection!

  6. Hi Jo, doesn't it always happen ? No matter what you've gotten rid of, there is always something to take it's place.


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