May 17, 2015

Recent Work Update

Time I settled down to post something ! 
I have been 'finishing' my commissioned piece and taking my time about it. Mainly because there are a lot of other things that have been occupying this tiny brain, lately. But, I have been reading your blogs and trying to comment when ever possible ... love your blogs !! ;)

Anyway, normally I stretch my work around a stretcher frame with 2 rows of staples and mitred corners to the best of my ability. With my fibre work being of 3 layers, it gets a little thick on the corners. A friend helped me once and steamed the corners with an iron and it looked crisp and clean. My regular, lazy self just finger presses those corners ;(

I decided that this piece should look a little more finished by hiding those 2 rows of staples. I went to Fabricland to search for a nice, inexpensive trim and found a webbing that was soft and pliable and almost the same colour as the wood of the stretcher frame. Boy ! how hard it was to hand stitch one side to the fabric of my work ! It was, after all 'wonder-sundered to the fabric below, as well as being stretched pretty tight ! My poor fingers were bleeding before I had gotten 3 inches stitched and when I used a thumbnail to push the needle through, it pushed straight through my thumbnail instead !! That's when I got the needle-nose pliers out !  Work progressed rather quickly and by the time I was done I felt like a surgeon !! ;)) The remaining edge was stapled down ... so just one row of the tiny steel stitches showing.

Along this particular journey I discovered another helpful tool that I can't work without ... a pair of tweezers from an old lab kit ... with teeth that grab onto tiny bits of thread and enable me to clip quite closely ... and, they hold my needle when I am putting a new one in place ! My first tool, besides my sewing machine, is my awl.
Below is Greg Meyer ... an old man, a town postman his whole life, looks a bit tired. I have feelers out to exactly how old he was. He would have been the age of my grandfather, probably born in the last years of the 1890's. I keep looking at this drawing and have added at least a thousand more dots since I posted him last ;) He is absolutely finished now !

please excuse the *pp*photography (pardon my french) no disrespect to the French ;)


  1. I hope your fingers are recovering! I would have been tempted to glue it but you have the satisfaction of having done the job properly. I love the texture of this piece and your radiant leaves.

  2. My fingers are good now, thank you ;) ... and I didn't get a drop of blood on it !! ;)
    There certainly is great satisfaction in doing a thing right !
    The leaves are just stitched to indicate veins and the rest is loose, so definitely lots of texture there.
    Thanks Catherine ;)

  3. I am in awe of your stitch work and I too would have been tempted to glue the trim. Those tweezers with teeth look like just the right tool for the job. I love my tweezers but they don't have teeth, I'll have to look for those.

  4. One of my favorite tools is a pair of hemostats. Used them when I was a nurse but find them great to grip tiny pieces or a needle when needed.
    I do love your red leaves. I sure a picture does not do it justice.
    Glad your hands survived!

    1. Hi Jo ... I do have a pair of those, too ... just are for my old arthritic hands to use, but I will haul them out and see how they work on the next piece ! have absolutely no idea where I got them !

  5. Thanks Patricia ! I have had those tweezers for so long ... probably since high school ... probably belonged to hubby and for lack of a better place to put them, they have been lurking at the back of a drawer where I sew ;) So, that would make them about 45 yrs. old ... 'bout time they made themselves useful !

  6. How beautiful your Greg Meyer is ... so sensitively drawn ... and those striking red leaves. Lovely!

    1. Thank you so much CS ... I so loved doing Greg Meyer in dots and feel I know a lot about him. Glad you enjoy the red leaves ... some maples are just like that in the fall !

  7. You have done a great job on that commisioned piece. The portrait piece is amazing. You put dots in better than a computer does pixels. lol.


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