Jun 28, 2015

Flashback ! Look What I Found !

Once upon a time ... 50 yrs. ago ... there was a young woman who loved art. 
She painted in oils ! 
A portrait of George Bernard Shaw over the lockers near the English dept., a painting of the Stratford Shakespearean Festival (Ontario) over another section of lockers at her highschool, John F. Ross C.V. I.  
She was sought after by many friends of her parents (what great support !) for her work. 
A painting of the old covered bridge at West Mountrose, Ontario, for Jane Ann Armstrong, was so well liked by her art teacher, Ken Stroble, that he commissioned her to do a second one for the school (I wonder where that got to ?) Those were a few busy years and she enjoyed every minute. But before all of that she had done a portrait of her mother, using the upright piano as an easel ! 
She was encouraged by all who knew her. 
What a very lucky young woman !

Below is a picture of yours truly,  being photographed by the Guelph Mercury for a newspaper article in front of a commissioned 'Spanish Street Scene', 50 years ago ! The original owners are long gone and I wonder whatever became of this painting ? 
I was musing some aspects of my past today when I went searching for my baby picture of my mother & I and came across this forgotten photo. You can see that my Rheumatoid Arthritis had already done its number on my hands :(
I had spent 9 weeks in hospital the year before, where physical therapy was second to the eye-opener of what I could become if I didn't get a handle on my disease and not let it beat me down. And here I am, still 'arting', still replacing joints with new improved versions when the need arises ... lol ! 

I also found this long forgotten piece from my felting teaching days ;) There is so much forgotten 'stuff'.
'Eden' - felted shawl with free-motion machine embroidery - sold


  1. Sharron, you were/are a classy gal! Good for you for taking charge of your very own life. Your art shows that! :)

    1. I always forget to click the follow up. :O

    2. Thanks Elle ... classy ? not so much ... just a realist ;)

  2. What a beastly illness Rheumatoid Arthritis can be. You are brave and I'm sure determined. Bravo!

  3. What a beastly illness Rheumatoid Arthritis can be. You are brave and I'm sure determined. Bravo!

    1. It truly is, Margaret ... and 'stubborn' would be a very good word ;)


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