Jun 10, 2015

Following On The Coat Tails ...

... of Arlee at  albedo  and Judy at Judy's Journal, I HAVE to share this wonderful post by Johanna Flanagan at The Paler Rook
I would have liked to copy & paste the whole article here but you really must go to Johanna's blog and read for yourself ... believe me, it's worth it ! Please go there now and read what we all know, what we all feel, and you will come away a stronger woman/artist !

I have been reading your blogs, may not have responded, but I am keeping in touch with you. I, personally, do not have anything much on the go right now, but when I read this post, an hr. ago, I knew I wanted to share that with as many of you as possible ... getting me started.

News: I am waiting with bated breath, to hear whether or not I am accepted into a local art show. I am very nervous as I have never entered a drawing before, never been judged on my drawing ability. (Here is exactly where that blog by Johanna fits into a niche in my head.) 
Entered in INSIGHTS ... matted & framed 8x10, pen & ink, stippled
I know that being accepted depends largely on the jurors and on their particular taste in art. Who knows better than me ? ... when a fibre piece, turfed from this same local art show last June, was entered and accepted in another in Aug, 2014, where it won an award AND sold !? So, you just never know ! I know this, yet I am still nervous ;)

On Sat, I will begin another house-sitting job, where I intend to paint a lot of fabric for future use and I hope to start this there ... built by my s-i-l several years ago on a wet foggy morning. He took the picture and has given me (only) permission to use. I took a shot of it, whilst full screen on my computer, with my iPad, so that I will have it house-sitting to check for colour (of which there are many that aren't immediately noticeable).

Since the Grow Your Blog event in January, I have made a number of new blogger friends and have won some ' give away's'. A CD of the beautiful singing voice of Fil Campbell and a cute pincushion by Susan Leschke.
Today I received a beautiful pendant, with sterling silver wire and fresh water pearls from Lindi.  Thank you again, ladies.


  1. Wow!! Thanks for this hot tip Sharron. I could have written that article about myself and I would imagine I am not alone. Not sure why we do that. I always thought it was a Canadian thing but maybe not??
    Best of luck with your beautiful drawing. I hope it gets accepted in that show. It really is superb and deserves a place in any good show!

  2. You are welcome ;)
    Unfortunately, I had to go and pick up my pen & ink ... It was a sad drive home :(


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