Jun 27, 2015

My Goodness, Agnes ...

.... it's been awhile since you posted anything ! ! !
Hi everyone ! 
Sometimes there's just not much to say or show !
I have been house-sitting again and took the opportunity to continue with my little panels of 'Some Of This And A Bit Of That ;)', taking my sweet time, painting & re-painting some swatches of fabric, trying for the right 'foggy' colours ... watched a lot of movies ... listened to some good jazz and generally, just lazed about. 
I am now well rested and revved up for the 'show' jobs ahead of me for the next few months (Connections Fibre Art show proposals and '18Square' show in Sept.)

But one panel is complete ...

I have no idea what I will ever do with these panels, but for now, they are keeping me relaxed and inspired.
 ... and I have a new canvas ready for the stitching ! ;)
will be approx. 19"x22"

The 'fog' was difficult to paint ... so many swatches, so many variations of shades, but cutting and joining gave me a gradual transition from wet granite to fog, where the horizon is almost indistinguishable ... stitching and threads will blend these layers even more. I am very happy with it. 
I will be trying to think of ways to indicate wetness and shine in the foreground slabs of granite. Of course, bright green beach grass will form a line on the left, up through the cracks in the granite. Should be appropriately moody/serene when done if I am successful ;) I am also eager to define each rock of the Inukshuk.
Talk & show soon !


  1. This is going to be VERY cool, Sharron! The fogginess is perfect! How big will it be?

    1. I hope so, Carolyn ! This will be approx. 19"x22". keep your fingers crossed that I don't screw it up ;)

      Seems I can't spell Inukshuk !

  2. Wow, those "fog" colours are amazing .... !
    Did you have an actual picture to go by ?

  3. Thanks Elle ... yes, I had a photo taken by my s-i-l ... scroll back a few posts and the original photo is there ;)

  4. I really should get some hand work happening in the evening. I've been on a reading binge! :{

    1. Reading is good, Elle ! I haven't found a book that grabs me in a long time. Lovely to have you visit ;)

  5. Your artist's eye takes you to such a great finished project. I wouldn't know where to begin. Beautiful pieces. Sounds like you have a great time to rejuvinate and fill up your creative juice jug.

    1. Thank you, Lori ! What a lovely compliment ... and rejuvenated I am ;)


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