Jul 25, 2015

Still Messing Around

No big project to do ... well a few ... but nothing urgent, so I am still playing around with colour combos, textures, precious bits of this and that and practising my very basic hand embroidery stitches.  Having fun, which is important for my sanity.
Non are complete ... still making decisions as to what to add next.
Three pieces with a detail of each;

I have an aqua panel waiting on the sidelines. It's nice to have these little things to fall back on when the machine sewing gets tough. These I can take to a more comfortable spot and still be productive/creative ... not rocket science, I know ;)

I have been doing a lot in the way of getting a couple of shows set up for my fibre art group, as have a several others, and we have shows through to 2018 already !! Lots of fibre art to prepare ... one of which will be a fibre protrait of my gr.grandmother, Margaret (Maggie) Davidson Deacon ... today is her 136th birthday ;)
Maggie died on the 23rd July 1916, 11 days after the birth of her 7th child ... she was 36 yrs. old.
My plan is to do her portrait with some colour. I'll have to research the clothing of that era and figure out what fabric that dress is made of.

Heading out to house-sit for the next 2 weeks where temptation will not be trying to sabotage my diet. I've mentioned in a previous post that I was going to participate in a Medical Bariatric Weight Loss Clinic ... after a year of waiting, I have now begun a 24 week program where we are helped to lose weight (900 cal/day ) and to understand and find other ways to manage our weight. The end result I want is a lighter body weight to carry around while I attempt to walk the rest off. I've become very sedentary in my life-long struggle with Rheumatoid Arthritis (56 yrs, now !) and I would like that to change. I walk in the pool but that season is so short. Throughout next winter, I plan to take advantage of the mall (walkers abound before the stores open) and the local indoor track. Maybe my hopes are high, but something has to happen.

Enough moaning ! I hope each and every one of you is having the best summer ever !


  1. Body mass, ick! But looking at your grandmother's collar makes me wanna grab my throat and pull. Goodness. :} Your textures are really wetting my appetite!

    1. Yeah, my BMI was too high and my doc. thought this program would be good for me. My fingers are crossed !
      That collar appeals to me only in that I can do that part on water-soluble ;) otherwise I'd be tearing that off also ... maybe the photo was taken in the winter.
      I'm glad my textures appeal to you. My daughters are getting one ... just a small piece of art to fill a small area and to compliment a room.

  2. Oh, I do love your hand stitched pieces! Exquisite and such a lovely diversion.
    And good luck with the weight loss programme....goodness, with that small a number of calories, you must be very strong!! And it is doubly difficult when movement itself is so hard...hang in there. I'll send you positive and STRONG messages!! Hugs.

    1. Diversion being 'key' right now as it takes me hrs. to do hand embroidery and it fills hrs ;) I am strong and the 'different' taste of these shakes isn't too hard to take ... and I am determined (stubborn & pig-headed work as well) ;)
      Thanks Marny ... so good to hear from you and hugs have been received ;)

  3. omg 900 cal a day is TOUGH!! i did it in my early 30's--dropped weight TOO fast--lots of fluids helps!

    1. I thought 900 cal would be tough, too, but I am managing surprisingly well ... being able to eat as much celery as I want is great when hunger rears it's head. I'm hopeful that my stomach shrinks some as the weeks go by. I am drinking lots of fluids and am allowed 2 cups of black coffee and 1 diet pop/day ... so that all helps the taste buds. We (group in the program) have a Facebook site to encourage each other as well ;)

  4. Margaret's portrait went straight to my heart! Her eyes seemed to lock on to mine. Dieing at such a young age from complications of childbirth is heartbreaking, 11 children by the age of 36 is heartbreaking. As a former midwife/doula she speaks to me. I'm looking forward to your art piece.

  5. Isn't she beautiful ??? I melt when I look at this portrait and my fervent wish is to have known her. Hers is a small story worth mentioning and portraying in a piece of fibre ... I have done a portrait of my gr.gr.grandfather (many years ago) still on my maternal side.
    Funny coincidence ... her daughter Esther became a midwife at the age of 16, as an assistant to the country doc., who usually showed up drunk ... so many stories ... I'll have to do Ester as well one day ;)
    Oh, I could go on for hrs. about my ancestors ...lol !

  6. very interesting, your fiber art

    I have only played with material over card stock in making greeting cards
    I always want to try something new and have so many unfinished projects going on now.
    I seen where you left a comment once on my Button Flozzie post

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