Aug 14, 2015

Yikes, Summer's Almost Over !

Just a note to say that my proposal to The Homer Watson Gallery was accepted ! ! !
A local gallery, but kind of a big deal ! They love fibre work of all kinds.
We are booked for May1-June 5, 2016 !
I submitted it on behalf of my group 'Connections Fibre Artists' for our 'Celebrate The Seven' exhibition that is now heading to its 3rd showing ... it is booked also in April of 2018 at The Stratford Art Gallery !  I would love to keep it travelling, as it is a tribute to the Group Of Seven who will celebrate their 100th anniversary in 2020 ;)
'Celebrate The Seven' ~ my image was chosen for the posters and invitations in 2014

I am heading into my 4th week of my diet and everything is going smoothly ... we're not to worry ourselves daily, or weekly about how much we have lost ... but I have to say my jeans fit so much better already .... Yahoo !

I am finished my house-sitting stint where I had been happily drawing, journaling, rust dying and piling on the stitches of my Inukshuk piece (previous post). I also read 2 novels by Louise Penny.

The summer has disappeared rapidly ... I hope yours has been terrific ! Soon I will be off on my annual, 3-week camping trip, sewing machine and boxes of 'stuff' in tow ;)

I haven't had much time for my blog lately, but hope to add some photos soon and I intend to come 'round and visit you all.


  1. Summer isn't over until my garden says it is! :) Congrats on securing another venue for the Exhibit too!

    1. Thanks Arlee !
      The summer goddess heard me ... sweltering heat is upon us !

  2. Hooray and good luck for the exhibition. Your lovely work is a great image for the posters.

  3. Oh my, huge congrats on your gallery acceptance, how exciting!! And further congrats on sticking with the diet! And it does sound as if the rest of your summer is going 'swimmingly' too. So great. Have fun on your camping trip....hope the weather is perfect for you. Happy travels!

  4. Thanks Marny ! Something tells me that camping will be a cooler venture, but my little furnace will keep me comfy ... thank you for the best wishes ;)

  5. Enjoy your camping. Stay warm : ) Enjoy the hot days of September (which I still consider summer). : ) Looking forward to your photos to come. xo

    1. Hi Monika, nice to see you here ... September days, camping, are fabulous days and I will find a clearing under the trees and sit and read ... and keep following that clearing until the breeze turns too cool ... but enjoy it I will ;) I will post photos for sure !

  6. Congratulations! That's great news.
    Have a wonderful trip.


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