Oct 18, 2015

Inspired !

It was Studio Tour this weekend and my friend, Helen, dropped in and dragged me out to see a few friends in their studios. I didn't need much convincing and it was a beautiful cold, fall day ... I was washing windows and floors, so jumped at the chance to visit them, with her. I don't normally do this 'studio tour' thing ... I always feel studio spaces are a private affair and hesitate to drop in even though it was a weekend of open studios. I am so glad I went ! Aren't other artists inspiring ? I think/hoping this is the shove I've been needing !
I have a whole floor at the top of my house that has been recently vacated by my daughter and her family (8+ yrs. there) and I am anxious to move my studio, (closet), up to the larger room that has a double closet across one end and is 19 feet long ... wowee ! I don't even want to wait to have it painted ;) !!!
So just home now and Ive pulled up some photos to show ... because I have been inspired by my artist friends !!
These are sketches that I did while away camping;  I tend to write a lot above/beside/under my sketches telling myself how? why? what? where? & when? ... any bit of history to go with them helps me 'paint' a better picture.

 My iPad was leaving lots of shadows ;)
This was the day that I needed to deal with the actual colours in the rock ... and how to make them appear wet.
 A show is coming up in the near future where I will attempt a thread painting of this beautiful, young  woman, my gr. grandmother. 'Maggie' died when she was 36 yrs. old, 11 days after giving birth to her 7th child. The baby survived and the children were separated. Her oldest daughter, my grandmother, was kept on the farm to help raise her 3 little brothers ... she was 13 yrs. old. Her sisters were taken and raised by aunts. The 7 children eventually were reunited and became very tight in their adult years. Two of the boys were bachelors and the third only had one girl child ... so that surname petered out.
I can see that I need to make her face a bit fuller and her neck a smidgen shorter ... being able to enlarge my sketch on a big computer screen, straight up in front of me, is such a great tool !
I have done a bit of research on her outfit ... I suspect this was taken on her wedding day ... and I am pretty sure this was popular in her mother's day, so probably borrowed ... and it is a dark colour with a stiffened batten burg lace collar. Lots of work on water-soluble coming up !


  1. Gorgeous job on the portrait of your Great Grandma! And who knew you were the admin of the Flickr Fibre Arts group!! Just joined today:-)

    1. Hi Carolyn ... yes, I wear a few different hats ;)
      Thank you for the compliment on my sketch !

  2. BTW, have you ever made Battenburg lace? I have and it is fun but very exacting. I love it! Haven't done any since my 38 year old daughter was young- REALLY young!

  3. I have never done battenburg !!!!
    It will definitely be a challenge ! Lots of research yet ahead !

  4. Your process is very interesting. I am always amazed at the finished pieces.... or even the not quite finished ones. No wonder you sell them before you even get them out for display.

  5. Thank you Lori ! I love the process ;) Wouldn't it be great, as artists, that all our work sold from a sketch ? That was a fluke, I think ;)


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