Nov 16, 2015

Two Fridays

My 'first husband' & I have become empty-nesters (have I mentioned this before ;););) ) for the first time in 41 years. Other than attempting to 'cleanse' our old house from top to bottom since the end of September, we have taken no fun time together. But Fri. the 6th of Nov., we promised ourselves a trip to the McMichael Gallery  (wikipedia) in Kleinburg. This gallery is devoted to Canadian Art and, in particular, to our iconic Canadian painters, The Group of Seven. 
I stupidly thought photos would not be allowed and left my camera in my vehicle. Not so, but the weather was so nasty that I just couldn't send dear 'first husband' out to walk all the way back to the parking lot (raining like cats & dogs ). Instead, we soaked up the atmosphere and strolled leisurely for 3 1/2 hrs. through gallery after gallery, stopping often to gaze out the windows at the natural surroundings of this fabulous place, inside a forest. It was warm inside, luxuriously quiet, the staff were very friendly and informative, and the place was a feast for the eyes.. 
The gallery has opened up some of the original family home and we we in awe of the size of this original home. In this section, was the 'This Home Was Made For Christmas' display, a newly acquired collection of original Christmas cards. The Group Of Seven did these during the winter months, when not out painting in the bush or paddling their canoes to yet another fantastic, site. It was a very strict 'no photos' when it came to these Christmas Cards ! And, they were truly beautiful ! So, if you have been in the habit of making your own cards, keep at it ! ... you never know who is compiling a 'collection' and you may be famous one day :)

Then, Friday, Nov. 13, we headed to Ontario's 'West Coast' ;), to the shores of Lake Huron on a cold, wet, fiercely windy day.
A crowd of spectators on the shore ? nope ... Inukshuks ;)

"About 200 stone way-markers, known as Inukshuks, have spontaneously assembled at Goodrich's Cove Beach during the past few months." the headlines

"A town making good from rubble, a community rebuilding what was broken. That would be Goderich after the tornado of 2011. And it would be Goderich now, as a spontaneous collection of iconic Canadian way-markers has also become a metaphor for the town's resiliency. 
In August, someone assembled a few chunks of concrete into an Inukshuk figure - a free-standing human-shaped structure common in Canada's treeless tundra - at Cove Beach.
Now, hundreds of the stone markers populate the area and have become a tourist draw.
They've also now become the subject of controversy ; the town has been alerted to a possible lawsuit after an elderly woman, who leaned against one, brochure hip when the structure gave way."
These were the headlines and we had hoped to see these structures before the 'law' came into play ... we were not disappointed ! Except that, the wind was so strong, there on the beach, that I did not venture out of the car, instead relying on my zoom lens to get a closer look. Rain and lake water joined forces as soon as I opened my car window ... camera and handler barely able to stay still enough in the force of the wind ... and both soaked ! 
Even supporting my camera on the window edge did not help much.

those waves are 6-8ft. high !

                  two other views down to the beaches of Lake Huron
Please excuse the raindrops and the blurry pics ... today would have been a better day to go there ... 13C and sunny !


  1. My hubby and I keep trying to take days off. How inspiring!

  2. I love the Inukshuks ... how right they look beside the cold grey winters sea. I'm currently away in Australia and the New Zealand and anything winters seems a long way away. What a shock I'll get when I return!

    1. Excuse errors ... Blogger and iPad don't mix well ... Very frustrating!

  3. I love that line about the Christmas cards and who may be collecting our creations already. A great thought.
    Those waves look prett scary to me. I think you made the right choice.

  4. Thanks for these visits to Ontario iconic places.


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