Jan 10, 2016

Hello From Ontario !

It's pretty cold now here in Ontario !
But we were in sweaters Christmas Day !
Son-in-law lighting my tree in the fog 2 weeks before Xmas Day
I don't like a green Christmas, but in my old age I am starting to appreciate the light clothing and dry footwear ... and the lack of ice !
So unseasonal!  Rainy now and any snow we had has quickly disappeared.
Fresh snow in the forecast for the next few days ... just looked out my window and it's a blizzard out there !!!

I am not going to bother you with a year end review. I am, however going to thank you for following me this year. I have been a little absent these last 3 mos. but hope to make up some time by telling you that I have been busy clearing house, including all the little places where household clutter resides. I have now started work in my new studio ... it's such a big room and I feel a little insignificant when I'm there, but I'm sure I'll get used to it !

I must mention my biggest accomplishment this year ... I lost 52 pounds !!!!!!!
I finished the program Dec. 17 ... right before Christmas ! Very hard to resist all the good things that abound, but I managed to be very good, tasting everything that I wanted to, and I communed with several glasses of Merlot along the way ;)
BUT ... I kept walking several times a week ... a kilometre each and every time. I'm feeling very fit for an almost 68 yr.old and the weight loss has been so good for relieving the stress on my joints. I can now do stairs like any normal older person ;)
My goal now is to take off 20 more pounds by counting calories, eating small portions and to keep walking ;)
Judy, a classmate and new friend, drove me to classes for 24 weeks ! ... below is just a small token of my appreciation that I made for her. She loves the colour.
approx. 5" x 12"

approx. 4"x8", str. stitch, x-stitch and fly stitch,
various found/saved yarns, ribbons, beads,
some free-motion machine embroidery

Now, for the surprise of my life !!!
Two days before Christmas I received an email from a friend, in which was a forwarded message from a woman that I last saw last about 45 yrs. ago. 'Phyllis' was wondering if I would like to take possession of a painting that her mother had commissioned from a young 18 yr.old teenager in 1966.

paint missing :(

love these two little women  !
That teenager was me !
Phyllis's mother had commissioned me to paint a Spanish Street scene for her. Phyllis was about 10 yrs. old when the painting finally came to hang over her mother's couch in 1967. This painting is nearly 50 yrs. old !  (My mother's friends were very supportive of this young teenager, afflicted with Rheumatoid Arthritis since the age of 11.)
I knew my benefactor had passed away a long time ago and I often wondered what had ever happened to the painting. Phyllis said that her brother had inherited it and after time it came to her ... but she had no room/place for it (17"x47") and wanted to contact me to see if I would like to have it back !!!  Small world ! A friend of a friend ... and now back with me !
It has lost a bit of paint (probably due to my inexperience with oils ... had never had a lesson before) ... and most of it was painted using a palette knife. I don't know what I'll do with it, but I do have some spare rooms now ;) I cannot recall, for the life of me, what I had used as resource material ... can only guess that I had spent some time going over books in the library ;), long before the internet.
It was at this time that I met and started dating my high school sweetheart, so painting wasn't much of a priority after that ;)

My last bit of exciting news ... gr. baby # 12 on it's way ... just received the news yesterday ;)


  1. Happy New Year, Sharon. After a mild start we had a white Christmas and are now solidly in the deep freeze. I, too have been cleaning and now have a small but great art room separate from my sewing. SO Happy! Good for you keeping that stiff old age thing at bay. I need to lift my feet up higher but moving isn't a problem. Tripping is! lol Lovely gift for your friend- such scrumptious texture. And how lovely to have your art work back. Glad you have a spot for it. :)

    1. Doesn't it feel great to have new starts/rooms ? I actually had enough good sunlight yesterday to start sewing, 'cept now I can't remember where my stuff is ! ... such good organization skills !
      Thanks Elle ... I will be over at your blog soon ;)

  2. Well done on getting fit and losing so much weight - what an achievement! Nice to get such an amazing piece of art (and personal) history back.

    1. Thanks Catherine ... I feel marvellous about losing that much and my new walking habit is slowly becoming addictive !
      The painting cries out to me every time I pass the room that it is in for attention ;) In the spring, I will take it out of the frame (needs a more appropriate one) and go to work replacing the paint that wants to come off. My younger cousin (just a 10 yr. old at the time) was so excited when she heard ... she remembers watching me paint ! It became an instant hit with her ... ;)

  3. Lovely to see you and to hear all your news. This thought brought me to thinking how strange it is that blog correspondents can quickly seem like good friends that you miss when they're not there.
    Good luck this year! I know I'll enjoy your posts when they come.

  4. Hi Margaret, I feel the same way about my blog friends ;) I hope to be more visible in the following months.

  5. Trying one more time to leave a comment!! Congratulations on your SPLENDID achievement, Sharron! That is wonderful. How did you do it? Weight Watchers? It is an excellent programme . Infact I am about to try to rejoin. Wonderful story about your painting!! How wcpxciting to have it back again. Congratulations too on GB #12! Wow!! We are THRILLED to have GB#1 - and ONLY? He'll be 2 at the end of February:-) enjoy and take care Sharron.

    1. so glad you persisted and your comment arrived ;) Not Weight Watcher, but the 24 Week Bariatric Weight Loss Clinic at my hospital (no, no surgery) where we re-programmed our brains to eat properly. The real test will be in one yr. and then at 2 yrs., to see if I have successfully maintained the weight loss ;)
      Thanks for the congrats !

  6. Congratulations on so many things! Lovely to read all this good news. xo

    1. Thank you so much for dropping by, Judy ;)


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