Feb 15, 2016

Is It Spring Yet ?

Gee, before I know it 2016 will be all over ! My, how fast time flies ... I don't know quite why, but I am finding it hard to set an hour aside to post some work on my blog these days !
I did, however, manage to finish a small panel of colour texture and found objects for one of my daughters ... these little items are 5"x10" and are just perfect for a bit of art in one of those small places in our homes that are too small for much of anything else ... and they give me something to work on when I just need to do something ;)
'BLUE' ... For some reason blue and gold/metallic are her colours of choice with copper foil, gold threads, painted/distressed brown paper

 The weather was spring-like last week and below freezing this week ... so it isn't just me who doesn't know what the heck is going on ! The robins came back almost a month early and the ground hog says we have 6 more weeks of winter ... I'm confused !  doesn't take much ;)

I have finally finished the 'INUKSHUK', and completed another small panel of colours, textures and found objects for my 4yr. old granddaughter, and designed a half dozen Christmas cards for next year (finally ! I am on top of that job !) and have finished a rough sketch that I am satisfied with for a free-motion machine embroidered portrait !
Having 2 weeks alone, house-sitting, has enabled me to wind down and focus strictly on some art.
My new sewing room/studio is completely ready for new work and I can hardly wait for spring days where I can open the windows there and take in the smells and sounds of warm spring days.
'INUKSHUK'  ... on a rainy/foggy August morning, Killbear, Prov. Park


drawn onto water-soluble
I have drawn this picture many times and am now satisfied enough, and familiar enough, to venture with it into the world of free-motion machine embroidery on water-soluble ;)  I plan to do this using blac, white and shades of grey ... just like as the B&W photo that I have been working from. I had considered using colour, but I have no idea even, of what colour of hair she had (I would guess she was a red-head as all of her 7 children were shades of red). I met and remember all of them but really don't want to guess. Her father was from Scotland and her mother's family were from Ireland.This will be, if I am reasonably successful, for a show next year. Keep your fingers crossed for me ;)
I did some 'GOOGLE' research on Battenberg lace, circa 1880, and came across this photo below ... beautiful lace, not Battenberg and not exactly what I was looking for ... but wonderful !!!  ... creator unknown.


  1. Yes, the weather IS confusing and time is moving at a speed like mach 1. gee, what's a gal to do??? ooh, the lace is something and your sketch is intriguing. I want to get some handwork up on the daily to-do list right under machine threadwork. You are sew inspiring!!!

    1. Thanks Elle ... your comments are so sweet ;) Pouring, literally, pouring snow here today !!!!

  2. What a lovely post....the blue piece especially speaks to me, but I can't wait to see what you do with that drawing. Free-motion on solubles is SO much fun, and the possibilities....wonderful. And the 'pouring' snow, oh my, not so much fun! A few stitching projects should get you through it! Stay warm!

  3. Hi Marny ! It has been fun to work with all these colours and textures that don't make it into my other work. Free-motion is my love and my tentative plan is to do much more of it this year. Still snowing and accumulating.

  4. The Mukshuk is lovely. I especially like the arrangement of the rocks and the gentle colour.
    The drawing for the embroidered portrait is beautiful. Who was she? How brave you are to undertake her in machine embroidery. I look forward to seeing developments.

    1. Brave ? ... I think I'm biting off more than I can chew, actually, but I love a challenge ! I only hope that the finished embroidery will do her justice.

  5. These are fabulous, Sharron! The portrait reminds me a little of Katharine Hepburn:-) BEAUTIFUL job!! Can't wait to see what you do with it!


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