Mar 20, 2016

YAH !!! It's The First Day of Spring !

It was certainly spring-like out there today ! 
The sky was sunny, the crocus in full bloom, many chirping birds ... and a pair of mallards have been using the pool as a spa !

Hello everyone ! 
I am still trying to get back to visiting all of you on a more regular basis. I have been very sick with a nasty cold and an eye infection (makes looking at the computer screen not nice) but have finally managed time and energy to finish up my Inukshuk threadpainting (see last post), which I have titled 'Foggy Morning', and have delivered it to its new owners ;)

So, just dropping in to say 'HI' before I take off to my next house-sitting jaunt in Fergus (1month this time) and I will be working hard on my next project from there ... and will post progress pics ;) 

As some of you know, I am one of the coordinators of Threadworks Juried Traveling Show 2016 ~ 'FLASHBACK' ... lots of stuff to do before it opens April 17, 2016 at the Wellington County Museum & Archives, Fergus ON ... luckily I will be 2 min. down the road from all the happenings at the WCM&A ;)
If you are in the neighbourhood and need a good fibre fix, save this date ~
Sunday, April 17, 2016, 1-4pm

Happy Spring Everyone !


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