May 11, 2016

'Celebrate The Seven' Shows Again

We are having a wonderful run with this show that started in the spring of 2014 !
It is now at; 
The Homer Watson House & Gallery, 
May 1-June 5, 2016, 
1754 Old Mill Rd., Kitchener, Ontario. 

 Homer Ransford Watson, painter (b. at Doon, Canada W, 14Jan1855; d., 30May1936). 
Virtually self-taught, Watson spent 1874-76 in Toronto working with John A. Fraser and Henri Perré and in New York absorbing the influence of George Inness and the Hudson River School. Later in Europe he met Sir George Clausen and Whistler, and admired Millet, the Barbizon painters and Constable. Internationally famous at the peak of his career, Watson developed a landscape style marked by honesty of purpose and a focus on the moods of nature. Many of his canvases depict the countryside around Kitchener, the trees, fields of grain, grazing cattle - the "Land of Thrift" much prized in pioneer society. 
He began exhibiting in 1878 but the purchase of his The Pioneer Mill for Queen Victoria at the first Royal Canadian Academy of 1880 brought early acclaim. Many significant canvases were completed by the end of the century: Cornfield (1883), The Flood Gate (1900) and After the Rain (1883). His patrons included Lord Strathcona, James Ross, Oscar Wilde and many affluent Canadians. He and Edmund MORRIS founded the Canadian Art Club in 1907 hoping to replace imported European with Canadian canvases. Watson was president of the Royal Canadian Academy, 1918-21.
the main gallery
the room
which was
Homer Watson's own gallery

we are privileged.
Two other rooms

are now


as well.

The official Opening

of 'Celebrate The Seven'
was well attended

and the Curator, FaithHielblinger

and artist, Ralph Beney, spoke wonderful words to the audience.


  1. Ha, thanks for showing us around ! ;-)

  2. The show looks as if it is beautifully installed. That gallery is a treasure box. Congratulations to all the connections fibre artists. Well done!!! xo

    1. Thank you very much Judy ! The gallery has beautifully hung our show. Although the pieces are the same, each gallery brings a freshness to the overall look ... even more exciting with each showing !! Wonderful eyes, in these curators !!


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