Jun 8, 2016

Sadness, Anxiety and Relief

It is with sadness that I accept that Threadworks Juried Traveling Show has met its end. Last week we took down our last show, packed up the traveling portion of it and launched it on its last tour. It has been a major portion of my life as a fibre artist since 1987 when I volunteered to help unpack entries for the very first show ! Threadworks hadn't evolved, at that time, to a traveling show, but we soon realized that all the works needed to be seen by other fibre artists and other areas of Ontario and it truly inspired many artists to take the plunge and dare to be juried by experts and seen by peers. I am very proud to say that I have been on every end of the show ever since ... even entering on 2 occassions. I have no photo of my first entry, but it was a little embroidered, hand-made box and my second was;
Georgian Bay Pine
So, it is with a truly sad heart that I say good-bye to a very inspiring and well loved show. I have so looked forward to this show every three years and am honoured to have been a part of it all along the way.

My anxiety, right now, is 3-fold ;
... I have entered my self-portrait 'The Way I See Myself'  (which I will show in a few days) in a local, vibrant show called 'Insights' ... a show that welcomes all art from oils & watercolours, to fibre & sculpture, to metal and glass work. I have had the honour of being juried in several times (and rejected as many;)) and being allowed to 'rub elbows' with the best that Wellington County has to offer.
... then I entered another juried show on-line, the same self-portrait, along with Winter Stream; 

If successful, these two will travel the province as well.

My relief comes from the successful 'take down' of the afore mentioned Threadworks and the equally successful 'take down' of the Connections Fibre Artists show 'Celebrate The Seven' which has had its fourth showing and another sale from it ! Yeah !! 
All within a week ... it's exhausting work ... I was not working alone, thank goodness ... and someone's got to do it ;)
More relief will come this week, when I hear either  'nay' or 'yay' on my latest entries.


  1. What a remarkable and worthy experience! Great job!

  2. Hey Elle ... I'll look forward to more great experiences, more juried shows and maybe someone will welcome my experience in another adventure.

  3. Sharron, are you saying that the threadworks exhibitions are no more? I had not known this.

    p.s. your work in this post and also the self portrait in the later post are both really stunning. xo

  4. yes, sad to say, 2016 was the last Threadworks show :(
    Thank you so much for the very nice comments ;)


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