Jul 18, 2016

A Visit From A Red Cardinal

"A cardinal is a representative of a loved one who has passed. 
When you see one, it means they are visiting you."

I had never heard this saying until a week ago when I mentioned to a young woman about watching a cardinal and his mate check out my lilac bush that morning, while I worked a jigsaw puzzle in front of my dining room window.
Out of her mouth, instantly, came the above saying. 
That got me wondering ... was it Esther ?(I love old superstitions !)
My next portrait will be of Esther Irene (Deacon) Currie, my beloved maternal grandmother. Was she trying to encourage me ? I had been struggling for days to 'build' a drawing of her from a small photo where the flash had leached out most detail in her face (I have no other picture of her). More of that to follow.

And then I began to wonder ... was it Esther or was it her mother Margaret ? Below
Or was it my mother, Laura ? She is next on the agenda ;)

Let me  introduce you to Margaret Davidson Deacon, my maternal gr.gr.grandmother

a copy of the only known photo of Margaret Davidson Deacon
probably taken on her wedding day
my drawing and mapping of the shadows of this beautiful face
from drawing to watersoluble fabric and the beginning stitches
to finished portrait below


MARGARET is written trough the leaf detail at the bottom of the portrait, as is her birth date, 1880

My apologies for poor photography.
Margaret was born in 1880 and died at 36 yrs of age, 11 days after the birth of her 7th child.
While working on this portrait I made contact with a son of this 7th child (the son whom I hadn't seen nor laid eyes on since I was 12/13 yrs. old !) ... he had always lived in the US. and once all of Margarets children died, contacts were lost amongst cousins, second cousins, etc. ... makes me wonder about these old supertitions !! Why did I attempt to look for this 1st cousin, once removed, after 55 yrs ?? Was Margaret with me throughout the process ;)


  1. Wonderful work !!!!
    (ahhhh, what a short life ...)

  2. Thank you Els ... thank goodness we have much better medical than these poor women had. Her seven children thrived ... 3 of the girls were separated and raised by aunts.

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  5. Dear Shaaban ... I could not read your message, if it is religious in content, do not respond.

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