Oct 5, 2016

"I'm Back !"

26 days in the my favourite park ! I had a great time ... working on my latest project, reading 4 novels, feeding chipmunks, meeting fellow campers and generally resting my a** off ;)
Such a peaceful and simple time.

Hannah Josephine, September 5, 2016

Glad to be back tho' as my youngest daughter gave birth to her 3rd child the day before I left, Hannah Josephine, and now I am much closer to her and can now watch the daily changes in this new little life. Hannah is my 12th gr.child ;)

Pic.s of my project to follow.

Forgot to mention that I finally did get a translation of some comments to my blog a few months ago ... it's Arabic and advertising for a cleaning company !!! my goodness !


  1. Welcome home :) You are so lucky to be able to have this abbatical every year--i yearn for a similar time........

  2. Oh, I hope you can achieve a similar retreat ... it's the end of my year and the beginning of the next ... lots of time to review and refocus ;)

  3. Your granddaughter is beautiful:)

    1. I would have to agree ;) Thank you Mary Ann

  4. It sounds as if you had a wonderful time and now you get to have more wonderful times watching your latest (12th!!!) grandchild as she grows and changes. It all happens so fast doesn't it? Fortunately, we're not getting any older, right???

    1. I wish we weren't getting older ... my body says I am, my mind is still a teenager ;)
      I'm not sure why, but I'm very interested in watching this particular little miss grow up ... prob. has something to do with my age and the fact that time is moving SO quickly !

  5. Ahhhhh ... belated congratulations ;-)


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