Oct 7, 2016

Study of a Ruin

As promised, a few more pics that show some progress from previous post, Almost Couldn't Get Here !
The fabric that I am working on is a 'freebie' from a pile of stuff that was offered to my group, Connections Fibre Artists, years ago when an artist had passed away and her spouse wanted to offer her 'stash' to other artists instead of throwing it all away. 
As a rule, I hardly ever take advantage of these offerings because the fabrics are mostly printed commercial types that I personally don't use. BUT, There was one piece (and I'm using the whole piece here) that intrigued me. It was plain, looked like canvas, but was actually painted muslin ... by painted, I don't mean fabric paint ... seems more like beige latex wall paint !! 
The fabric feels harsh and is a bit rubbery. It's a challenge !!

I was not sure 'Beloved Virgin #2' would accept it between her feed dogs and her needle. But, things have gone ok ... some, lets just say 'lots' of paint dust to clean up after every sitting, but nothing has stopped B.V from performing as well as she always does. The punching through this sandwich of painted fabric, muslin backing and an interfacing makes my heart lurch every so often but she keeps on sewing ! More anxiety when we get to sew through the paper 'beams' that are applied on top ! ... and only 1 needle broken due to a catch in the thread !

 At first I was going to add the exposed older brick to the surface ... but I decided to cut away the top fabric and lay the exposed brick work underneath ... now it has that feel of the top 'plastering' falling off ??
Lots more detail to add yet ... fencing (both stitched and applied, painted bamboo sticks), plants and shadows ... but getting there ! 


  1. So impressed to hear that B.V. is carrying on so valiantly. And great work the two of you are doing together! Yes please, more photos!!

  2. Wow ! the white parts of the fabric looked like you stitched through PAPER !!!
    It looks great ! Love that wooden structure too ...

    1. Thanks Els ... appreciate your comments ;)

  3. This is fascinating - and quite a change from your usual work, I think(?) - though the colour palette is very familiar. I love the texture.
    I'm gradually catching up on posts after a long summer break when my visits to blogging friends were very intermittent. I'm now off to search further and many treats in store!