Nov 9, 2016

Geeze ... It's Almost Christmas !

Did I just say that ?????? Omg !
Time flies so quickly these days ... but not near fast enough to get that damned election over with ! 
I do not like the result one little bit but I am glad that farce is over with. 
Good Luck America !

Anyway, back to Christmas. It's so very close ! I have begun to shop 'though it is becoming increasingly difficult to buy for grandchildren ranging from ages 0-21.
I'm just glad to have something very nice to focus on these days ... like this new baby girl. She was born in September and she is fascinating. Very alert and very talkative and probably our last gr.child ... 12 is lots ! :)
Hannah Josephine, at 1 month

Work on 'Weathered By Time' has come to almost a standstill, for no other reason than I've just been so damned lazy since my month in Killbear.  But some small steps in the finishing have begun.  I just ordered a stretcher frame for it ... and they will assemble ... so nice to have the store do this for me ! 
I will pick it up tomorrow, finish the edges and hand stitch the 'rebar' on. The whole 'finishing' will have a new twist this time because the canvas is too thick to wrap around the stretcher frame and other finishing ideas have been suggested by some colleagues. I'm game to try, will let you know how it turns out ;)
Weathered By Time

I did have an opportunity, yesterday, to see a portion of the World Of Threads Festival (in Oakville) yesterday and have been very much inspired to get cracking ... what a great amount of excellent, international art there ! I feel I have fallen way behind ! I have never entered this show but wish I did ... maybe next year ;)

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet ? Tell me what you are doing ;)


  1. Ahhhhh such a sweet little girl !
    (12 ? you're so lucky !)

    Love how the piece is growing ! These ripples ... gorgeous

    1. Thank you Els ... she is so sweet :) We have been blessed with great
      I hadn't planned on such big ripples ... I will stitch a bit more and iron them out ... but they are food for thought !

  2. Stunning. The baby and the art work, too. lol We just buy for the 3 grand kiddies who are growing up way too fast. They have lists now! ;^)

    1. Hi elle ... thank you so much !
      I agree, concentrate solely on the little kids ... Christmas can get so expensive.

  3. From this side of the world, the US election result is completely incomprehensible, but I guess the electorate had its reasons ... so as you say Good Luck America!
    On to much more jolly things, Hannah Josephine is gorgeous indeed (all these grandchildren - we have 4 - seem somehow a miraculous delight) and I love the contrasting stitching at the bottom of Weathered by Time. I look forward to seeing it finished.

    1. Thank you Margaret ... 'tho' one has to worry a little bit about the future for our precious little ones in a world that seems on the edge of disaster most of the time, whether political or environmental :( We can only carry on with what we know best - art ;)

  4. Oh that little face!!! SO sweet! And 12, oh my goodness.
    And alas, gift giving and fixed income should not be used in the same sentence and yet, here we are!! Creativity needed!
    And in the meantime, your piece 'Weathered by Time' is a stunner. Do show us more (and maybe a pic of the stretcher frame? Sounds intriguing!)

    1. Exactly ... need to create !
      Thank you for your compliment, Marny. I will let you know how successful/unsuccessful this new method turns out to be ;)

  5. The work in progress, Weathered By Time - is really very interesting. You have succeeded in giving the impression of an old wall on the exterior of a building with peeling paint - and just that atmosphere . I can well imagine the paint dust and broken needles - hard work too, bending over that machine.
    Christmas is still far away in my opinion - xo

    1. Thank you so much for your comments on 'Weathered...' ... it means a lot that you took a good look ... really, really appreciate that !!
      Merry Christmas, Judy !

  6. Funny how we just seem to stall sometimes even though we love our art. I am often inspired when I see all the other people's creations.
    Well that little peanut is just adorable isn't she!
    I have barely started my shopping. Yikes.
    Merry Christmas to you as well.

    1. Yes, 'the stall' is a regular occurance and I should be used to it by now ... but each one seems harder !
      Hannah is such a doll, thank you ;)

  7. You are well ahead of us,as we have only one grandchild so far,but await the next by the end of this month.
    She is a beauty.

    1. How exciting Jackie ... hope you post pictures !
      Thank you !


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