Feb 5, 2017

I think I'm back on track ... at least the desire is there ;) !!
These trees are just 2 of 6 that I will be drawing in ink on a very latge, very white, blank, 14"x17" pce of drawing paper.  I'm excited, hence the preview of trees. 
Did I mention ? did you know ?  how much I like black & white ? My client wants to represent herself and her 5 sisters as a row of trees, in B/W, with smaller, young trees growing up, around and between them, representing their offspring ;). She has been a doll waiting on me and now is the time.

It's been a long dry spell this time ... almost 8 mos. of very little creative energy !!! Very Scary ! 
I know that one of the biggest reasons has been my eyes  ... I have been seeing an opthamologist for 2 years and after all the 'try this, don't do that, 'ctscan sees nothing wrong behind the eye', etc., etc., I finally took the bull by the horns, and got on the internet, typed in Rheumatoid Arthritis & dry eyes and came up Sjogrens Syndrome (pronounced Showgrins) ! Anybody ever heard of this ?? There is an mazing number of people affected by this, mainly women. And no one doing research on it ! The only suggestion is to relieve symptoms with artificial tears :(.  I have hopes pinned on getting an appointment with an eye institute soon. Surely there will be someone there who has more knowledge about this.

I would like to announce a traveling show that I am a part of ... 'Fibrations' ... I have some new pages on the website ! All the artists in the show, all the Artist statements ... good reading ! right here ! http://fibrations.org/fibre2016.php

Well, I finally get around to posting a little news as I prepare for a few more house-sitting jobs ... should have that drawing done by the beginning of April :)

Thank you to all of you who still respond to my paltry posts ... I hope to pay more attention and I plan to get reading what you are all up to in 2017 ;)


  1. Ahhhh so sad when there's something wrong with your eyes ...
    We can't have that, can we ?

    Great you're in the show !
    (went to the link ;-) ...)

    1. Unbelievably scary when your eyesight is threatened ... I've got so much more to do !
      Thanks, Els ... hope you enjoyed the website.

  2. How lovely to see you back. Every good wish with your eye treatments ... such a trial!

    Trees are such a favourite of mine, as I suspect you know. I love them especially at this time of the year and I can enjoy their structures against the sky. I've been working on a few thoughts myself recently.

    Thank you very much for the link to the Fibrations website. I've just spent some happy time on a cold Monday morning enjoying the colour and reading the statements. Lovely to see your two pieces again. What a wonderful link across the world the internet is!

    1. Awe, thanks M.!
      Yes, trees are my favourites, especially without their clothes ... they show off their individual personalities against a sky backdrop. We certainly have trees and b&w in common ;)
      So glad you enjoyed the website and yes, thank goodness for the internet ... otherwiseI would never have met you ;)

  3. sisters as trees- what a great concept! I am also trying to figure out my aging eyesight. Hopefully it is scratched lenses! ;^) Glad you are back at it!

    1. Thanks Elle ... I have always loved a naked tree ! Great bones and they've always reminded me of ladies in waiting, patiently waiting for spring and 'new clothes'.
      Still working on a solution to my eyes, hopefully, help soon !

  4. Great to hear that you feel like returning to the fold, Sharron!! I, too have had a long hiatus and it is HARD getting back into it! Let's give it the old school try and see if we can produce some cool, interesting stuff again! Good luck!

    1. I'm with you and working on it ! Just finished a large ink drawing, started another and have revived a few old unfinished projects ... having fun ! I'll be around soon to take a peek at that Peony leaf ;)!

  5. Hi Sharron. How great to read your post. Not so great about the eye problems and I hope yo will start to get some relief soon. Best of luck to you.
    And thank you for the link, love your pieces....that self portrait is gorgeous....I too love black and white, so beautifully dramatic!! Well done.
    And very exciting about your new project....what a great idea. And trees, yes this time of year, their silhouettes are so compelling. It should be a fun project. Do let us follow your progress (if appropriate, clients and all). All the best to you, on all fronts!!

  6. Hi Sharron - I hope that your eyes are much better. I didn't know about the connection to rhumatoid arthritus.
    I saw your tree drawings on facebook - they are really lovely. Best of luck with moving ahead with these.



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