Mar 12, 2017

full size ...  14"x17".
 Right off the hop, I apologize for the poor photography. Natural light is at a premium today and my 'photo shop' skills are almost non-existant ... but Ive tried ;)
This finished ink is my dear friend, Donna, and represents she and her 5 sisters.

 The ink below is totally finished now ... a few close-ups. 
It was quite daunting to work on this size, but I'm warming up to it. 
Again, poor photos. I am due for a new camera soon.

You have seen 'Maragaret Davidson Deacon' before ... she needed a small revision. She will be in a show next month and needed a bit of a border (as if she was framed). Margaret will be hanging next to other old photos from the late 1800's, early 1900's with a few old cameras placed near by. 
Our local museum is trotting out artifacts to highlight our (Canada) 150th anniversary. Connections Fibre Artists are creating fibre pieces to showcase 'old-timey' artifacts ... everything from chamber pots to one-room school house desks ... should be fun !  The show is entitled ARTefacts ... more info to follow.
 So, Margaret has her 'frame' and is pinned to dry.

ps. Margaret's daughter, Esther Irene Deacon Currie, is drawn and traced onto water-soluble ... to be placed under the needle next :)


  1. These are all beautiful. It's hard to say which I like best ... those spare trees and those delicious snowy landscapes - and of course Margaret Davidson Deacon ... all wonderful. So good to see your work again.

    1. Thanks so much Margaret ... it's good to be back !
      Now to catch up on you !

  2. Such lovely work !
    Margaret will be star of the show no doubt ...

    1. Thank you very much Els ! I'm not sure Mararet will be the star ... she's up against some very tough competition in the 'portraiture' department. The Museum we're showing in was once the county Poor House and there are photos all around of some of the original residents. One of our members (a 3D artists) has chosen 3 residents to do large portraits of, and they are marvellous !!

  3. Oh it's all so so good! : ) I love seeing your work in progress and of course, your ink. : ) I haven't been around to blog for so long. This is marvelous xoxoxo

    1. Oh, thanks so much Monika !
      You are such a busy lady ! ... you are a very productive artist, a teacher of fibre and a mom of a young family ! Blogging requires a certain amount of time (a lot !), time that is precious to such a busy artist ! I'm looking forward to your future blogging .

  4. Absolutely loving that tree drawing.x

    1. Thank you Judy ... I particularily love the 'connection' between these 'sisters', how they touch one another, are involved with one another.
      I did learn from this that I like working on big paper but it could have been bigger ;)


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