Apr 12, 2017

New Show !

Connections Fibre Artists have a new show !  
Working closely with the Wellington County Museum & Archives, the group has chosen an item (or two) from the museum's extensive archives, and in celebration of Canada's 150th Birthday have made complimentary pieces of fibre work. A must see !

I am very excited about this show and can hardly wait to see what marvels the group has come up with.
For my part, my strong interest in inherited old photos, and the lives these stoic faces led, prompted my desire to bring some of the museum's portraits out ... as well as the cameras that took them. 
Below - In this new show I felt that my portrait of my gr.grandmother was a perfect fit and she was finished in plenty of time.
Margaret Davidson Deacon
I had already started my 'posterized' black, 2 shades of gray and white thread portraits with my own posterized mug shot. This portrait is currently traveling and is in Thunder Bay
Sharron Elizabeth Deacon Begg
Following on quickly on the heels of these two portraits is the portrait, in same style, of my grandmother ... in progress.


  1. You are an amazong thread painter!

    1. Very sweet words ... thank you, Elle !!

  2. These are all wonderful. I love the graphic, black and white of the portraits but also especially that in the abstraction you haven't lost the humanity of the faces. Lovely!

  3. Your words mean so much to me ... thank you, Margaret ;)


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