Jun 17, 2017

Grandma Has Arrived !

Finally, my grandmother, Esther Irene Deacon Currie, has arrived after almost a year in waiting !
She has been very patient with me and suffered through several cosmetic surgeries to get her recognition. Yesterday a photo of her was sent to Gallery Stratford for her place in the Connections Fibre Artists new show 'Running With Fibre'. The new show opens July15th and, although she won't be running, she will take her place alongside 25 other, fabulous pieces of fibre art.
'Rena', as she was known, rinsed, stretched and blocked to dry
Esther Irene Deacon Currie 1902 - 1961
Now, my intention is to do my mother next in this '4 shades of grey, posterized' look that I have so enjoyed doing. After that I will start on my 3 daughters ... and, if all goes well, my 6 grand daughters ! Sounds a little ambitious, I know ! Then, if I have time, I will do a portrait of my sister, her daughter and little gr.daughter.  
I'd like to document the fact that all these women share a common mtDNA sequence ~ a sequence that is documented to be 20,000 years old ... that's a long way back ! ... but passed down from mother to daughter all the way. (sons have their mother's mtDNA but do not pass it on ... interesting, eh ?!!


  1. Thank you Els ! She took a while but I'm glad that she has her day in the sun ;)

  2. congratulations on your vision for this important body of work - beautifully made too xo

  3. Thank you very much Judy ... my mother is in the thoes of a pencil sketch as I speak and I hope I do her justice. She has been gone 32 yrs. now and memories are messing with my drawing :(
    I think this next portrait will prove to be challenging.


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