Jul 6, 2017

I Did My Best To Deny This Was Happening :(

great friends as well as cousins
Amelia 5, Breton, 5 Sabrina 3, Cole 4
Well ... the time has come !
These 4, who have lived within blocks of each other, are now looking at 4 hr. drives for family get-togethers. The will really miss each other !
I will miss these 2 little girls and their sister, Hannah, so much.
I will miss my daughter Sarah more than I can say ... she is my baby.
But, Skype, Facetime, etc., are teaching me new computer skills ;)
And, like a dear friend says ... 'it's not Australia' ... where her son is headed next month !
Aren't we lucky that we live in these days of computer technology ???


  1. It is hard to have family in distant places. My sister is 9 hours away. We try for 1 or 2 visits a year. Having our first grandchild this year makes me glad they live 20 minutes away. I too am glad for the technology to see my sister when we speak on the computer and get to see what is happening to each other on facebook!

    1. Thank you Jo ... I very much appreciate your own story ... I am sure I will fall into a routine as well, soon ;)

  2. Oh, Sharron, I feel your pain! Our ONLY child, a dear daughter and our ONLY Grandboys ( aged 3 and 8 mo) and our ONLY dear son in law live in TN!!!! Thats 16 hours from Burlington!!!
    They are coming to visit this coming week for a few days! The calf is being fatted as I type! Cannot WAIT to see them! Because it is so far away, we really dont know our grandboys very well. The big guy Face Times with "GrannyGranddad" ( in his mind, I guess we are an UNIT!! So cute. Anyway, my heart will be aching on your behalf and remember, four hours is not THAT far! ( except in YOUR heart!) God bless!

  3. So lovely to share emails with you Carolyn & yes !, we must get together for tea and share till our hearts feel better !!


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