Nov 17, 2017


Hello Blogger friends !
I am finally back in to my blog ! 
I have been so upset worrying and wondering what I could possibly have done to make access to my blog just dissappear. Last month I sent mesage after message to Blogger Help to no avail ! Tonight I did a lot of 'fine print' reading, changed a few passwords 'et voila' ... I'm back in !! For how long is yet to be seen.

Quick catch-up; not a whole lot of new work being done ... but a whole lot on one piece ! 
My latest portrait is of my mother, Laura Irene Currie, which I have been sewing intermittently since the begining of Sept. Of course September is the month that I take as a retreat by myself, camping in my favorite Canadian Provincial Park. Not true camping but the more comfortable ... senior camping, in a 27' trailer with electricity, AC, furnace (if I need it) etc., etc. 
This year  the weather was absolutely lovely ! The forest canopy, the chipmunks and the deer ... and the beach !!! ... all so beautifully completing the experience.
Weekends usually saw company from home arriving Fri. nites and leaving Sun. afternoon ... the rest of the week to muself.

My grandson, above, had come with his father the night before I arrived to help set up my trailer. Sept. 4th was a bit dark and cool and rainy but that didn't stop either one of them from throwing themselves into the cool lake water.

hubby came for the weekend - it gets cool under the canopy

looking from my trailer down through the trees, past my nearest neighbour, to the lake


  1. Brilliant! How glad you must be to be back.
    These photos are lovely... and those trees! When we were in BC recently we just couldn’t believe how many we saw almost everywhere we went. As we looked around the vast mountain landscapes, we kept asking ourselves how many millions we were looking at. You live in truly a wonderful country!

  2. Looking like an amazingly restorative retreat, Sharron! You are very fortunate to be able to do that! There is nothing like being out in nature with those you love! Enjoy, come home refreshed and DO have a very happy Christmas!!

  3. Are you OK, Sharron? You haven't posted for a while. Neither have I but I am finally back in A groove ( maybe not THE groove) Just wanted to say Hi and Happy New Year!


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