Mar 5, 2018

Hello again !
Thank you rtquilter for jogging me out of my blogger malaise !
Again, I am just home from housesitting and have imported all of my mobile phone photos to my Mac. I just hate working on that small phone.

I have news that might shock you !!
I am stitching a whole piece completly BY HAND !!  ... yes ! BY HAND !!!

The base of this piece is a print on fabric. A painting on plastic run through a printing press onto fabric !!!
It was done about 15 yrs. ago and has been hanging around ever since, waiting patiently for some attention. While I was basting it to a backing I considered adding rafia ... to represent the vines attached to the trellis that was barely visible in the print ... so I attached brown paper (by hand) for the trellis, then added the winding 'rafia' vines ... and, well, why start up the machine now ?, I asked myself  It isn't a pce. that I need to get ready for a show, nor for anything, so why not find out what 'slow stitch' is like? I'm enjoying it because there is no pressure to get it done fast ... it's just sitting there for any moment that I have free, to sit down, to stitch, to think.
Needless to say, this is a true 'slow stitch' for these arthritic hands. One strand of thread stitched is about my limit at a time.

The 'foundation' is another experiment from about the same time ... cut out circles of felt covered in gauze and plaster. I am just starting to add thread haphazardly to emphasize some areas.
I'll post this finished in a few more years ;)


  1. 15 years to perculate! I have hope for some of my pieces.
    It is wonderful!

  2. Thank you Jo...perculating is a good word !

  3. Lovely to see you hand stitching, Sharron! I really like the randomness and weight of the stitch in these pieces, especially in the second one, Foundation. Slow stitch has its advantages - lots of time to think what comes next, though it's hard on the hands - but I hope we don't have to wait another 15 years to see it finished!
    Incidentally a good friend of mine and fellow stitcher has recently adopted another approach to all those UFOs lurking in her cupboard. She cuts them up at random and then re-pieces them fairly randomly on a backing and puts long lines of stitch in clever colours across them - most effective!

  4. Hi Sharron. Haven't heard from you for a while. I hope you are well and creating??? Will you have any work in Fibre Content this year? I hope so. I love seeing your work. I have three pieces and may be acting as docent but not sure yet. Take care and TRY to stay cool in this horrid heat.

  5. Hi again quickly Sharron. The last comment was from me, Carolynn McMillan. NO idea why I keep showing up as "unknown".


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