Dec 24, 2020

Covid-19 ~ 2020

Hello to all that still read blogs. I have been meaning to keep posting but my life took an abrupt turn for a while.

Well, what can I say but ... it's been one damned shitty year !!  

It wasn't bad enough to be worried about the lives of my self and my family and doing the best to stay safe, masked and distanced ... nope ! ....had to go and fracture my pelvic bone (no jokes please :)) ! 

Since September, 12 weeks of healing, no weight bearing, then weight bearing with a walker, walking with difficulty because of contracted muscles and now my sacroiliac joint (or whatever you call it) is giving me so much grief ! I'm getting too old for all this headache.

SO, I have been able to sit ... a lot ... and I was able to finish my Hair Wreath. Very, very pleased with it.

The saddest part of this piece is the names I learned as I stitched the machine embroidery to the canvas ... a couple of stillborn children and a couple of Mrs.'s 
... no first name, just Mrs. 'husbands name' 
... no identity in death.
Started another selfie ... masked for 2020 and for a future show where all of Connections Fibre Artitas work a new piece entirely in shades of blue. Blue is not my 'go-to' colour but there isn't any reason why I can't attempt a portrait in 4 shades of blue ;)
First snow early Nov 2020 - taken at sunset
A, by now, a well known selfie ... this time announcing that I entered an selfie competition in the UK. The kitting and Sewing Show ... I was accepted but did not win the big money from Janome ... darn, and I really could use a new sewing machine ! But, very glad of the exposure and the experience.
Been working on these little machine embroidered trees ... this one I decided to stitch to a piece of fabric that's been hanging around for a couple of years. I buried this scrap of cloth in the fire pit and left it there for about 5 months in the spring & summer. It shows some rust and a lot of charcoal colour. It is extremely fragile so I ended up covering it with a fine netting and stitched all to another backing ... we'll see how it behaves.
I have kept myself busy hand-stitching machine-embroidered sketches onto small stretched canvases ... trees again in this photo. Many have become Christmas presents for my children and my grands.
One last tree ... Merry Christmas everyone ... December 2020
May our New Year be so much better !


  1. Beautiful work - it looks so delicate . I'm sorry to hear about your fracture - really bad luck. I fractured my ankle early in lockdown so I can sympathise a bit with you - and still not better. Keep going with the physio and you'll get there. Happy Christmas ... and let's hope next year is a bit kinder all round.

  2. So wonderful to hear from you Fils ! Sorry to hear about your mishap and, yes, lets hope next year will be much kinder ! Merry Christmas !