Mar 15, 2011

Catching Up

Hallowe'en has come and gone but my fear of blogging is still here. I'm still old and getting older fast. But I'd better catch up to myself and blog away in spite of how I feel because, like most things, I will get used to it and like it, right ?.
We were in the middle of some home renovations last fall so art was not a possibility as my poor little 'studio' ended up having much in there that wasn't art related and it became a 'standing room only' situation. My 'studio' or as I call it, my sewing room, is 3/4 of a small bedroom and houses my sewing machine on a small desk under the east facing window (lots of light but not advantageous on a hot, sunny day until 1:00 pm) and another large desk supports my computer, printer, scanner and mail box. There are 2 chairs in this room as well, and an ironing board. The closet is crammed with fabric, raw wool, patterns and my genealogy books, photos and binders ... thank goodness I don't have to share this space with a bed !
The home renovations are complete with hardwood in the living room, dining room and hallway ... fresh paint in the hallway and dining room ... and a completely overhauled bathroom which is so awesome to use with it's step-in, large, tiled shower stall, a new natural light source and the rain shower head (feels so luxurious). The toilet is new and higher (thank goodness in my advancing years) and low flush (yeah for the green team !)
Christmas came with just a week to decorate, get a tree and wrap presents ... luckily my 2nd daughter and I had been taking breaks from painting to cook some of our traditional Christmas goodies and the day came and went without a hitch.
Our good friends, M & M, decided to go to Florida Christmas day for 2 months. They placed their beautiful home in my hands to work full steam ahead on my art ... tables and counter tops to paint fabrics on, build canvases and sew to my hearts' content with narry a worry about putting anything away ... a godsend ! I had one finished canvas and 2 more set up and waiting for the sewing machine before I went to visit them  for the last 2 weeks of their holiday, with a ride back home with them. Everyday was between 80 & 84 degrees and as I lay on a chaise soaking up the warmth I would suddenly remember the 24" of snow I had left behind ... a very surreal sensation. Our drive home was long but the roads were dry and the days sunny until we hit Michigan and Canada when the skies became overcast ... but still dry and the snow was down to a mere 4 inches !
So now I am back and the sewing of my canvases has begun with the one finished piece hung today at   Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre for the next month.
I will post pictures of my works in progress in the next installment as this is the main reason for my blog ... to tell and show my art.

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