Mar 21, 2011

In fall of 2010, I was taking photos of a field of corn next to my aunt's house. There was no fencing so I could walk right to the edge of the lawn and take some very decent photos.
It occurred to me that without fencing I could get near enough to zoom right into the rows of corn. I stepped forward and found myself flat on my behind , not hurt, but embarrassed. I looked around to see if anyone was laughing ... then looked again to see if anyone could help me up ... not a soul ! I had walked into a small ditch covered with leaves that were not about to support me. So, I took advantage of the vantage point and took a lot more shots from down there. My favorite became an ink drawing.
I needed new work to fluff up my inventory for a new show in May and decided to make a threadpainting using my photo as reference. The first step was to blow up the photo, trace bits of the photo to use as pattern pieces and to commence painting fabric in the colours I wanted.

I paint all of my fabrics with watered down acrylic paint. The background piece would be painted as if to resemble the cornstalks behind the cornstalks.
Almost dry and looking lovely ... close-up.
Laid out and ironed. Then I trimmed it to the desired size and constructed my canvas with my corn pieces on top and the sewing began.


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