May 19, 2011

Count down

It's only days away from my show and I'm faltering ... the weather is to blame!
Days of dismal dreary light and aching joints have set me back ... yikes ! Yesterday I put the stretcher frames together and it took all the power that I had to do so.  Today is a bit brighter but it's still raining , still soaking wet and my joints aren't ok with any of it.
Today I am determined to get those canvases stapled to the frames .. come hell or high water ... which ever comes first and it looks like water may win.

The one bright spot is my new tool ... a canvas stretcher ! I'll report on that later today.

Later that day ... no, it didn't work for my particular canvases ... I couldn't make it grip tight enough, nor could my daughter ... couldn't get a certain thickness in its grips, I guess. Probably better to use with real painters canvas, I'm sure.  But she stretched the canvas for me with very capable fingers and it is as tight as a drum ... and now I have some new thoughts/ideas for the backings of future threadpaintings.

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