May 15, 2011

Glencannon Rd.~Abandoned Silo

I have been very busy with a new piece of work ... seems like a decade ago that I posted last.
Only 12 more days until my show opens at St. Jacobs, The Silos.
When I got the invitation last fall to be the guest artist time was at a premium but I knew that, come January, I had a stretch of time that would allow me to give my full attention to planning 3 threadpaintings and, hopefully, a few ink drawings to be done by the middle of May. I am almost on schedule !
I haven't taken as many progress photos but below are a few.

The original photo of an abandoned silo on Glencannon Rd., Bruce Township, Ontario, Canada.
Forty or so years ago a little girl used to fantasize about this silo as her future home while riding the school bus past this silo every day ... a little story told to me by her aunt !
 To make a fabric that looked like a pile of stones, I added a couple of handfuls of glass globs to the wet painted fabric ... hoping they would act as a resist ... and they did !
                         After some cut and paste and choosing some threads I was on my way.

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