Jun 26, 2011

June 26, 2011

Would you believe it !
I worked so hard and stressed so much ... and was even frantically trying to stab some hand stitches to it the day it was to be handed in ... that I forgot to take the final photo of my 'Star Gazer' lily piece ! You will have to wait now 'til I get it back, some time this summer, to show the completed piece.
I still haven't found the perfect way to hang these lacy pieces and that was where most of the stress came from. I don't want to back them with fabric or stitch them to a hanging because I like the shadows that play with the piece as it hangs alone on a wall ... I have several of these pieces still in my portfolio waiting for the right hanging method. They are so lightweight that heavy artillery is not required.

Anyway, upward and onward ...
Last Saturday, June 18, the Connections Fibre Artists had a 'retreat' day where, along with a quick meeting, we juryed in 4 new members, filled our faces with some great food, and we felted, dyed and/or made textured cords with wet paper mash. I chose to dye because I enjoyed using the fabrics I dyed last year (see post dated March 29, 2011) and was eager to get similar project started for our show in B.C. this coming September. I normally don't take these little 'plays' too seriously as my sewing room is already full of great 'stuff', which hardly ever sees the light of day, but I have to say that I really like the look of my various sample fabrics dyed with potassium permanganate. It was another hot day but the breeze was just right and dried our treasures quickly.

The colour is off slightly (cloudy today and I'm inside) but the colour is a rich ochre and the silk strips still have a very pale pink to them . We braided strips of silk and dropped them in the pot to see what would happen ... natural fibres take the dye very well.
            ....un-ironed ... cotton, canvas, gessoed canvas, clumps of wool roving and strips silk

.... ironed and some 'made-along-time-ago' leaves 'on-water-soluble' seem destined to be a part of whatever transpires. Now to the drawing board.

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