Jun 10, 2011


When you have only two pennies left in the world, buy a loaf of bread with one, and a lily with the other.  ~Chinese Proverb

Lilies, he said ... the topic is lilies ... for a show at the Royal Botannnical Gardens. Would anyone like to participate ?, he asks our group, Connections Fibre Artists.  Jim, a past Connections member is organizing this show ... past, but still a favorite member of our family of fibre artists. He comes often to our meetings and shows with his partner.
I find it very hard to say no to a show anywhere, anytime.  Am I just a hardworking, 'dedicated to my art' artist ?, or do I just love showing off what I do ? I admit it , I love attention for my art ... but I also hate  letting anyone down. So a good majority of both I think.
Anyway, the show is set to be hung in June and I am behind the eight ball again. Granted I have been very busy the last 5 months with new works and the guest artist stint but I didn't lose sight of the promised work ...  so as soon as I could get my very old, very heavy, sewing machine to the Silo's, I started my 'Lily' piece.

 Working on a water-soluble stabilizer I began with the lazy circles in white thread as a ground for my lilies.

 Three lilies is my target ... in the left hand corner is one of the photocopies of my photo from which I have drawn by sight onto the water-soluble. I haven't worked with this material for a long while and I don't know if there is something new and wonderful with which to draw directly onto the water-soluble ... I just know from experience that pen and pencil lines will colour the thread ... so eyeballing is the order of the day. People were fascinated watching me work on this 'stuff'.

The lighting wasn't the best but the silo room was a great opportunity to start this project. Continuous, small breaks are necessary for me, when working my machine fast, as my sight tends to become blurred very quickly because my eyes are working overtime watching that needle dance. The breaks came often between visitors to the Silo's.
At home, so many 'other' things call for my attention when a break is needed ... dusting, laundry & meals !

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