Jul 7, 2011

Pentimento Project -as of July 7/11

Those who know me won't be at all surprised that my new project involves pine trees.
Every needlework persuasion (that I have ever done at least once) has had the same lonely little jack pine in it. I guess because I was familiar with it, the design was simple and it was a scene that I never tired of.

With my new stash of fabrics dyed with potassium  permanganate  ................

............... a pair of pines have become the focus of my new work ... which is yet unnamed and with which I am going to attempt to portray the art term 'pentimento'.
...from Wikipedia;

'A pentimento (plural pentimenti) is an alteration in a painting, evidenced by traces of previous work, showing that the artist has changed his mind as to the composition during the process of painting. The word derives from the Italian pentirsi, meaning to repent.

Pentimenti may show that a composition originally had an element, for example a head or a hand, in a slightly different place, or that an element no longer in the final painting was originally planned. The changes may have been done in the underdrawing of the painting, or by the visible layers of paint differing from the underdrawing, or by the first painted treatment of the element having been over-painted.'
                        ... one lovely evening after a small tornado passed through our area in 2009
With 'Pentimento' as the theme of Connections Fibre Artists' new show due in Salmon Arm, B.C. this September, I have opted to do this pair of pine trees that I view nearly every warm, summer evening as the neighbours' gather next door to chat, tell jokes and discuss the days events. I have photographed many beautiful sunsets shining through them as they tower over the roof tops.
I truly wanted to do the older meaning of 'pentimento' .... a painting that shows through under the one on top but found that the newer version of pentimento (like peeling layers of paper signs glued over other paper signs), was probably going to be easier to manage with a fibre piece. A threadpainting over another threadpainting was going to be a bit difficult due to the many layers of thread that would entail.
It took me weeks to get my head around this one but one day, while in the shower (of all places) those two pines called me by name !
As soon as I was dressed I glued (Heat &Bond) a small piece of acetate (old lining fabric, I think) ... that had been dipped in last years pot of potassium permanganate ... to a piece of printing paper and printed the pines off, in B&W, onto this 'new' paper. I peeled off most of the excess paper and laid it on my dyed fabrics that I had cut and frayed to size ... I added a torn piece of pattern tissue paper (why not ?) and then one strip of silk that had seen the dye pot, too. These I melded together with a machine stippling stitch over a piece of black canvas.

*note: Heat & Bond did not work well ... it was sticky and gunked up the needle and broke threads ! ... but once I had that stippling done I didn't have any more trouble ... I love and recommend 'Wonder-Under' !!!!

The photo of the pines was going to be the 'painting' underneath. I then proceeded to add wisps of dyed wool and stitched them down.

                                               ...... can you see it ? ... the photo of the pines ?
 It's taking a while but soon the pines will be filling the whole space. I want to go over the whole again with black thread to indicate better that these pines are in silouette.
I have yet to decide where and why I can add a string of lacy, black leaves that I made years ago and which go so nicely with these dyed fabrics ... we'll shall see !


  1. I didn't know you started a blog. When the equipment lets me sign in to follow, I will. Seems like I get over to the Yupo sight less and less.

  2. Hi Carrie,
    I resisted blogging for quite a while 'cause I like the interaction on a message board. Still a few of us there ... we'd love to see you there more often ! ... http://artworks.yuko.com/
    I do hope you can get signed in to my blog.