Sep 8, 2011

Where Did August Go ?

It's cold, damp and dark .... what happened ? 
I remember distinctly sitting in the late afternoon sun after a swim, enjoying that awesome warmth that an August sun brings and the next day it is windy, the rains come and the damp cold seeps into every nook and cranny of my aging body ...damn !
'The Knowth'  project had a wee setback after hubby, bless his soul, thought the perspective was a bit off. Sure enough, he was right and after pulling off the center section and scrapping fabric glue off the background, I lost interest temporarily ... a common curse for artists of any kind. But, along with that, the loss of a good friend at the beginning of August sapped the energy and enthusiasm right out of me. 
But I must get on track again and get 'Knowth'  finished for the Guelph Studio Tour, Oct 14th-16th, 2011. 
I am showing in my own home this year which brings it's own set of problems which I really haven't had to  worry too much about before ... displaying all of my work on my living room walls as my "studio" is far too small to receive guests in ........
 ...all of 10' x10'
 ....... but hubby has built me a 3 sided display stand, so that will help. Then I have to find adequate lighting, clean house and make sure I have enough 'nibblies' for the opening. Housework and kitchen duty do not go hand-in-hand with the making of art, in my humble opinion.
Some wonderful things are happening ... 2 of my daughters are having babies ... now and in 3 mos.! Christmas will be fun this year !
And , (most importantly) 'Stargazer' has sold to a lady in Ohio !


  1. September is gone now too! You still have time to get things ship shape for Open Studio. Congrats on the sale and even bigger, two new grandchildren!

  2. Thank you Carrie. Life is good!
    So nice to have you join my site !!!
    This is exciting !