Oct 22, 2011

Raining Still

Well not everyday ... there's been a few rays of sunshine.
Perfect though for the job at hand ... I'm cleaning up my studio !
I have thrown out 30 yrs of fabric that has been saved waiting for the right project, garment or household item. And that's just the larger pieces. I've checked it all and if I wasn't in the ruthless mood I'm in, I might save it for another little while.
I haven't even tackled the books, magazines, boxes of threads/yarns or the beads ! And the scraps of paper ! ... from sketches to patterns from magazines ... to old thank you cards for classes I've taught ! I even found 'Violet Pickles' and 'Ruby Buttons' ... the 2 soft dolls that my 28 yr. old daughter was asking me about just last week ... I had stuffed them into 2 round liquor boxes for safe keeping many years ago ! She is expecting her 1st baby and the dolls may just come in handy.
I don't think of myself as a hoarder but I'm beginning to wonder.
And guess who else I found ?
 I simply cannot remember when I made her but she's held up well stashed between the pages of an old binder. I'm sure more little surprises are still ahead.
Update; the studio tour is over, sales were slim and the rainy, windy, cold weather was a definite cause of the meager attendance. I am re-assessing membership ... is it right for me ?

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