Oct 12, 2011

Rainy Wednesday

What a wonderful spell of great summer/fall weather we've had ... but we knew it couldn't last, didn't we !
After days of tank tops and capri's, it was time to pull out the jeans and sweaters !
The rain has begun today and that was fine as I had finishing touches to do on my last threadpainting and my  inks have now been scanned into my computer for my records .... a good day to stay home and work.
I'm going to have to hustle tomorrow to get the house decorated with art for the studio tour starting Friday evening. So much to do ... the small things, tags, prices, shop for refreshments and tidy up the house ... better get a new mat for the front door ! Thank goodness Rachel is here to help !
Knowth ~ A Neolithic Passage Tomb   

 approx. 19" x 22"

I'll be back after the show and share my experiences and photos. 

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