Nov 21, 2011

A Country-side Prowl and an Organized Studio

A few days ago I took off in my truck (yeah, I own a silver Dodge Dakota and like nothing better than heading out in the country, whether to visit distant relatives or to wander my own country-side) in search of some nice photos. The day was warm and the clouds were heavy but breaking often for some nice sunshine to pour down, enhancing to fall colours of the country side. The trees have mostly lost their leaves but they now stand stately against the sky ... every one of them expressing an individual personality. Naked trees are my most favourite thing to look at ... and I never tire of it.

Another thing I cannot resist ... a nice dry field of corn !

I am proud to say that I have finished the studio clean-up and I was so disciplined to complete the job that I resisted the big white box standing on the floor ... my new iMac ! She sat there for a week patiently waiting until I had put the last piece of fabric away and had vacuumed for the 6th time in the several weeks it took for me to go through every drawer and every bag/box stored there. Now I have clear bins on my new (donated by a friend) shelves, my books are organized and standing straight and my sewing surface is cleared.
I consider this a job well done .... and I'm anxious to get sewing !

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