Nov 17, 2011

New Computer

To my growing list of readers, whom I welcome - so nice to have you here!,  sorry that I have been absent these last few weeks but I have been spending all my spare time sorting. ditching, keeping and relocating everything that has been near and dear to me in my tiny little space that I call home ... my studio. Who knew I could free up so much space ? Well, my family has been hinting at that for years now and although I knew they were right, I just didn't have any urgent reason for doing anything about it ... until I knew that I would be bringing home a brand new, state-of-the-art iMac ! I actually bought my iMac last Wednesday and it has sat on the floor until I had finished making room for it. I do have to congratulate myself at the sheer discipline I have exercised in staying with the clean-up until I was done and not succumbing to the lure and promise of this fancy new machine ! This note is my first ... haven't even read my email yet.

Do any of you have that same reluctance to ditch your 'stuff'? I shredded old paperwork, course outlines, class lists and emptied 8 binders ... some going back to 1986 ... wow ! My studio is also my household office and, I don't know why, but I saved almost every sales slip, old monthly bills, and income tax records from god knows when ... not anymore ... I became ruthless and single-minded as I went through every drawer and shoebox, every bag holding unfinished projects and all old fabric (yardage from my seamtress'n days) ... 'cause you never know when it might come in handy, right ?
Two blue bags of shredded paper and one bag of garbage and 2 bags for Value Village. Some lost and forgotten treasures have been put handy for reworking or as inspiration for new works. All in all the experience has been very enlightening and the burden of it has been lightened ... whew ! ... and now I have room for more than one person in here !

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