Dec 2, 2011

Good News From Afar !

Some very good news !
As the show 'Pentimento' was being taken down and packed for shipment back to Ontario a lady decided that she wanted to buy 'SISTERS' ... but she needed someone else to see it, so our member, Susan in British Columbia, decided to leave it at the gallery until that person could view it.
She got word today that it had sold ... thank you Susan Faye Martin for making such a wise decision.
Just in time for Christmas ...whichever way you look at it  ... and to think I was so hesitant about the theme pentimento !


  1. I just want to say hello. I found you through Cas Holmes, and love your description at the top of your blog. I will read back as soon as I have a moment.

  2. Hi Sharon...

    Stumbled on your blog today at the new(ish) Connections Blog and I have loved reading the stories of your new pieces for the fall 'Penimento' exhibition. I particularly love 'Sisters' and the story about watching the sunsets through the trees. Connections, eh?
    Also so admired your persistence in following through with the threadpainted "photo" of your GRR. The additions of the farm details and the tree is so inspired. One day a piece of your work will make it into my art collection.

    Bethany in cold and rainy Kingston

    1. Wow Bethany ... thank you so much for very kind and lovely comments ! I so appreciate when a viewer reads and sees the 'spirit' of my work and I surely hope that one day one of my pieces does finds it's way into your collection ... it would be an honour!