Feb 9, 2012


Sundown - the finished size will be approx. 18" x 20"
Late last summer I found the most lovely photo by Guelph photographer Wayne Bristow.
I've borrowed photos before and have had permission granted so graciously. The, photo I am using, is of a sundown shot low and through the grass and with a filter on the lens. The colours were very close to the ones I have been using of late ... I hope I can do the photo justice.
Sundown - close up - just my painted background with painted grass secured in place with 'Wonder-under'. The grasses are shades of black with some having a distinct blue to them, which will all be enhanced when I begin to machine-paint with threads. 


  1. Your quote below made me laugh. I am sure you will do the photo justice, having seen your work on Flickr. Pleased to have inspired.

    1. A bit of levity is always in order ... glad you had a chuckle.

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