Feb 9, 2012

It's A Brand New Year

It always amazes me how time slips away and here I am, after 2 months' absence, trying to make sense of where the last 2 months went.
Of course December and Christmas, holidays and family gatherings are understandable ... but January ?
In mid-January, I moved into a friend's house to look after the family dogs while Florida beckoned. I am here 'til mid-April and I'm taking a 7 week course (1day/wk), 'Studying The Group of Seven' with Richard Nevitt. Trying to draw something everyday is an exercise that I am not totally familiar or comfortable with, but Richard has inspired me and tho' some days my pen never touches paper, I am getting the hang of it and enjoying it immensely, especially as my drawings are my studies Tom Thomson and Lawren Harris .
Between my dog duties and other group activities (Connections and Threadworks), family, elderly neighbours, and meeting friends at the mall, I have painted fabrics and constructed 2 landscapes. Today I begin the tedious task of basting my 'canvases' to a backing fabric, then again to a stabilizer and making the final decision as to what size the finished piece will be. The sunlight today is pure motivation and the pups are happy to sleep in the sunbeams.
The rough sketch of Tom Thomson's Jack Pine'

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