Jun 8, 2012

The Harris Collective

The Harris Gallery with the Harris Collective Group 4 showing at the Elora Centre For The Arts  
May 30, 2012
The room after hanging ... nice sized room with a grand piano, centre table for the refreshments. This room is called the Harris Gallery, hence our name 'The Harris Collective' and is in a century schoolhouse that has been turned into a community art centre. There is a bigger 'Minovarich Gallery' as well. I fancy the chance to show there with Connections Fibre Artists one day soon.
Being the newest member, and brought in after wall space was chosen, I got the two corners to hang my work on. Apparently not the choicest spots to have ... but it was ok as I managed to fit Ink drawings in the mix and it looked fine .... and the deep window sills were wonderful for standing frame pieces.
Lucky me !!  These three ink drawings of various fence posts sold !
A very lovely bouquet for the refreshments table !
Each member of the group (upwards of 6) gets a section of the wall to hang their work. 

I am looking forward to the next show and I will know the ropes much better then.  This should prove to be a very interesting venture and I am looking forward to meeting the other five groups of artists.


  1. Actually the group sizes are no more than 6. Sort of (as you found out) - 6 spots, then 6 artists. The next group is down to 3 - so a bit of a problem for them... they may gain 2 more.

  2. Thank you Lucy and thanks so much for joining my blog !

  3. I would love to look into purchasing your ink drawings! I love them so much. Can you email me??
    mysweetprairie at gmail dot com