Jun 22, 2012

In a Slump !

Beach at Windemere, Grand Bend, Lake Huron, Canada
It happens so many times ... no desire ... no inspiration ... to make or create ! 
I hate it when this happens. The last few times I have leaned heavily on old photos and pen & ink to get me up and at 'art' again ... this time, nothing, for weeks !
But the most wonderful thing happened last week. I opened up my email and found a lovely note from a 'flickr' friend ... a fellow Canadian and fibre artist.

Subject: You inspire me.
Date: 15th June, 2012

Hi Sharron.
I really try not to look at other people's work so my art is truly mine... but came through here again from a link I posted a long time ago about your sketching and how they set up thread painting details so perfectly. Well - they did it again. I can't tell you how much I am inspired by your sketches!! I am really picky at time times when I view other people's art, and don't often get inspired by others... but flipping through your photos & sketches here was just wonderful! I can't tell you how many empty blank sketch books I have. lol. So bad...
oh well.
Maybe this summer at the lake I'll pick it up.
Thank you for inspiring me! 

I can't tell you how amazed I felt ... that I was inspiring someone else !! 
What a compliment !!!
This little note was what I obviously needed because the next morning ... in that 'awake, but thinking with my eyes shut and not ready to get up' state, a flood of ideas came poring into my brain ... so many that I haven't quite sorted them all out. But it has begun and I am excited ... I'll be even more excited when all the key ideas begin to form the nugget of new work.  Talk soon !   


  1. I look forward to seeing your next project(s).

  2. : )))

    You ARE inspiring!! I hope this new flood of ideas keeps flowing for a long, productive time. : )

    Monika : )

  3. Thanks Dolores ... I hope it is soon !
    Thanks so much Monika ... the ideas are still swimming at this point but I have hope and confidence !

  4. I'm glad I stopped by. You have reminded me to draw!

  5. Hi Carrie ... been a while ... hope that drawing does good things for you as well. Thank you for dropping by !

  6. My cure for this is to add new ideas to the pot, draw with your non dominant hand, make something from a pattern, use a new medium. And be patient.