Jun 29, 2012

Play Day with Connections Fibre Artists

On Wednesday, June 27, 2012, many members of Connections Fibre Artists (see blog at http://connectionsfibreartists.blogspot.com
gathered at Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centr & Studio for a day of sharing ... new techniques, news, books, etc. ... which results in a lot of talking and high energy levels. 
It's always good to do this once in a while and forget 'business'. It helped me get into creating again ... even though I haven't put a stitch to anything, the ideas are certainly there !
Maggie Vanderweit began the day by unwrapping and showing some pieces of wool that she had wrapped tightly around plant material and pieces of rusty metal and which she had boiled for some hrs. the night before. Maggie gives credit for this technique to India Flint, with whom she took a workshop with last fall.
Every unwrapped piece was a diamond in the rough !
So with plant material gathered from Sybil Rampen's gardens, a swatch of fine wool fabric and elastic bands, I set to creating my own jewel.
I wish I could remember all the names ... definately Goldenrod, Silver Dollars and Queen Anne's Lace ...
... then wrapped tightly with elastic bands and then to an identifying stick
(mine had a little piece of orange wool donated by Helen) 
... then placed in a pot of boiling water and alum .
... a watched pot never boils ... time for lunch ! 
Lunch is always a pot luck affair and always fantastic
.... this coming from a non-cooking fibre artist.
Instead, I bring cookies or muffins for morning coffee
... my baker, Tim Horton, never fails me.
It was a great day and I have a lovely piece to ponder. 


  1. Hello:) I'm visiting from TNTN. I'm surprised at how much detail was left from each plant. I would expect that you'd be getting just colour rather than shape. Very interesting.

  2. Thank you for visiting Mary Ann ... and yes I was amazed at the detail as well ... hence my reluctance, as of yet, to mess with such a great design.

  3. Looks like you all had a fun and great day. I have a surface group, Friday we are planning on dying. We may have to look in to doing this another day. Thanks for showing.

  4. Thanks Cathy. I'm glad for your visit to my blog. Have fun on Friday. I will watch for pictures.