Jul 21, 2012

I Have Trouble With Being Abstract

Always curious as to why I feel anxious whenever the idea of doing an abstract sets my brain in a dither, I often find myself reading up on the subject. I am truly envious of anyone who has such ease doing abstract art. It doesn't come easy to me even though I have attempted it a few times ... it is awfully hard work for this poor brain of mine and I can never decide whether what I've done is right or not. Why can't I find that wonderful, happy place ... with the capacity to like what I've done ?
So when I found this page, written by Lawren Harris in a very old book belonging to a friend, I just had to write it out, here, hoping that writing it out would help me understand abstracts more.
I'd like to share it with you ... even though it is probably over 50 yrs old !

He wrote;

"There are 4 main kinds of abstract painting.

The 1st is when the painting is abstracted from nature. That has been going on for a long time ...

The 2nd kind of abstract painting is non-objective in that it has no relation to anything seen in nature. It does, however, contain an idea, a meaning, a message ...

The 3rd kind of abstract painting is simply a fine organization of lines, colours, forms and spaces independent of anything seen in nature and independent of any specific idea or message ...

The 4th and most recent kind of abstract painting is called abstract expressionism and today engages the creative attention of modern artists. It has increased the range of possible subjects in art beyond anything known before.

This came about by a process of creative evolution such as occurred in every development in the arts." ~ Lawren S. Harris

Lawren Harris was one of the key members of Canada's famous  GROUP OF SEVEN.

Okay, I admit it, I'm not sure I'm any the wiser and obviously/probably ideas have changed since Lawren S. Harris wrote this many years ago.
I think I fit in the first category. I know that anything I draw/paint/sew is already abstracted to a certain degree.  Maybe I should stop the wondering and accept what I can/cannot do. Does anyone else feel stymied by abstracts ?
Just throwing this out there for fun ... comments from you on this subject would be wonderful and welcome ....

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