Jul 21, 2012

Race You To The Water !

While pouring over some old photos a few days ago, hoping to find something that would get me back to the drawing board, I found a 2 yr. old photo of mine that spoke to me .... and I kept coming back to it and it already had a name !
It isn't my usual 'landscape with trees' but I think I will enjoy the challenge of making strong lights and shadows in keeping with the very high light quality that one gets on a beach.

'Race You To The Water'

*My photo copy, at the top, is of a photo I took as we kicked off our foot wear and I challenged my then 4 yr. old grandson to a race to the water. He would definitely win as I am arthritic, have 2 knee replacements and a hip replacement ! 
*The sketch of his lime-green crocs and my battered old beach Birks came surprisingly easy ... I was sure it would be hard to get into drawing mode considering the slump I've been in lately, but I remember what Chuck said (previous post) and just got to work ! And kept at it even though my elbow hurt and I could only draw for 10 min. at a time ~ you'd be proud of me Chuck !
*And the paper I'm using ? The paper backing from an iron-on fabric glue that was already ironed to the 'sand' swatch ! ... after I ironed this 'sand' to my muslin backing ... why hadn't I done this before ?
*Lucky me ! Just happened to find this swatch of my own cloth (technique to follow and very easy) and it will easily pinch-hit for the sand !


  1. Perfect cloth! and omg I LOVE the name of this post. lol Makes me want to jump out of my chair and run like heck! lol

    Thanks for the BOLT of energy : )
    Monika K.
    Sewing in Saskatoon

  2. Thank you so much Monika ... you make me smile a lot !