Jul 24, 2012

Waste Not, Want Not !

Don’t Throw Out Your Paint Water !
.... as promised, my 'sand' cloth technique
As many of you know I use water-down acrylic paint to colour white cotton in tones that I will use in a threadpainting.
It sure isn’t rocket science to sop up your left-over paint with a paper towel or dump it down the sink .... but ! ... if you place a swatch of fabric in your paint container and leave it to completey dry before you touch it again, you will gain another lovely piece of cloth to work with ... just iron out the wrinkles. 
The size of container, the size of the cloth, the amount of paint in the water, (vs-vs) and the amount of cloth actually touching the bottom of your container will all bring different results. 
How you wrinkle, fold (accordian is fun) or manipulate your fabric will produce many more varied results. The pigment settles to the bottom of your waste paint water and, depending on how much cloth actually touches the bottom, that is where the most colour will show on your dried piece of 'waste not, want not' cloth. Sometimes the heavily painted areas will be tougher to sew through.
For me the geometric shapes that I get, but do not work with as a rule, present quite a challenge ... it's the abstract that I'm struggling with.

Have fun !

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