Aug 5, 2012

"A Feather Is A Letter From A Bird."

I finally got around to photographing my feather 'gifts' - interesting that three are from the right and three from the left side of the bird - probably means something else as well. The sixth feather is from a pigeon that was on my path on a city street.

I have been wondering about some very rare occurrences that have happened to me recently ... to the point that if I didn't listen and pay attention I knew I would miss something important. Although not a religious woman I think of myself as being quite spiritual.
Last month, in the spance of a week, I was given or presented with 4 different bird feathers. 
First a Crow's feather appeared on my patio. 
Then I was given a Great Blue Heron feather by my next door neighbour (whom I have known for abt. 45 yrs. and is like a surrogate mother ~ a heron flies over our houses at about 6am everyday).  
I found a Grackle feather as I a crossed my lawn a few days later.  
Finally, a Sea Gull feather ... propped up on the grass for my eyes only when I raised them from my book ... directly in my line of vision, only a few feet away. I had had a scraggly, hunched old seagull stand vigil over my truck as I sat there reading. I had even talked softly to him several times and he seemed to listen with that one-eyed stare ... almost like he understood my every word. I knew absolutely that the feather was for me. When I got out of my truck the seagull was gone. 
Such an event as these 4 feathers had never happened to me before ... I thought about them for days ... knowing that they must be meaningful but did not know who to ask.
I finally typed in 'bird feathers and their meanings' in the google bar and came up with the website 'Sacred Feathers' at (in case you are interested, too)

I had inner turmoil for months ... in my both personal life (which I won't go into) and in my creative life ... which I have posted about just recently. 
Since the feathers, I have regained my creative urge and a better insight as to what directions I am going to take.
Yesterday my grandson gave me a fifth feather ... a beautiful grey feather that he found on my patio ... from a mourning dove ... prompting me to tell you about them.

What does it all mean ? Key words kept popping up ; creativity, a newness in direction and expression, balance, determination, strength in the ability to maneuver in intuition and insights, listening and deeper inspection ... and to 'follow your own path'. 
I hope that I don't seem too crazy, but all of this has been meaningful and very helpful .... and even more so when I can write about it. 

If nothing else, I now have 5 found objects to incorporate into new work !

The sixth feather I picked up off the sidewalk as I stepped out of a downtown restaurant ... pigeon ... teaches many lessons of love, security, family, the importance of communication with a sense of togetherness ... compassion, forgiveness, appreciation and gratitude ... family brings an unconditional sense of belonging.

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